Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Join the fun of the giveaway :)

Happy news. I just got signed off from my FY 1 coordinator recently. Interview went all right, and guess what, he asked me what is my hobby. I said: BENTO MAKING, and flipped my portfolio to the last page, showing him my creative creations for the last few years. I can see the shocked face in him, but before I left the room, he said..'keep up the good work. It helps to release some stress at work, right? *He smiled*! I felt relieved. Something to take pride of, indeed :PI'm now on a Salad marathon for lunch. Since my trip to USA, been indulging with big bowl of Salad for lunchie..yummy..love the multicolour effects of different salad! *Like*
Getting my Five-a-da quota of fruits and vege!

Moving on.

As usual, me being me..the competitive Angie Mangie will not give any chance away if I can win ANY giveaway that involves BENTO!

So I came across this blog recently, a Canadian gurl, Noire who is living in Japan at present ( oh boy, my FAVOURITE country in this entire GLOBE!) and yesh, she is giving out some KAWAII gifts from low and behold..JAPAN!

Do check out her link at Bunny&Spice to find out MORE DETAILS regarding the giveaway!

Not to forget another giveaway at Scrumptious Bento whom I just found out recently. Another amazing bento blogger with beautiful bento pics all over her blogs. Am super impressed with her master pieces :) Not only that, she has posted a few recipes to share too. CHECK it OUT! :P

Allrighty, back to work!
1 and a half more months to go and I will be an..SHO!? *mixed feelings*

watsSup Doc: A Christian life is not a sprint, but a marathon.
Despite so, I am loving this long journey


*jeSSicA* said...

SHO = senior HO?
more gaji?

Ang3 said...

hah, a little bit more GAJI ony...but more responsibility and MORE WORKING HOURS....