Friday, July 06, 2012


4 moths after I moved on to my surgical ward, I heard from a friend recently that somebody made a complaint against me.
What is it about? I have no idea.

It kept me thinking, what have I done wrongly?
That patient was somebody I cared for wholeheartedly 4 months ago and to my surprise, the family lodged a complaint against me, a junior doctor, the consultant and the nurses from the ward. *I felt ashamed of myself. :'( *

Have I not done enough? What were their expectations? Why...just feel like crying my lungs out when I heard it. When all your hard work was not appreciated but being condemned, it makes me it worth it?

dissapointed. devasated. utterly speechless.

Oh Lord, if any of my deeds is not pleasing in Your eyes, please show and guide me...
i need Your loving grace to survive.

waSsup Doc: I surrender all, my hands, my soul, my life...If this is Your will, Lord may I be a competent doctor who can touch souls.


*jeSSicA* said...

awww....don't cry my dear
perhaps the pt had some other reasons? not specifically to u
be strong k....


They were a tough family to deal with and i'm sure it was not you that they were not satisfied with. I think it is just the circumstances around the whole issue that left them so unsatisfied. Chin up sister, your heavenly Father knows and acknowledges your good work!

ly said...

btw the previous message was from me. you forgot to log out from THEDRAMAQUEEN account :P

Ang3 said...

Thanks Jess and Ly for those comforting words. xhugs hugsx