Monday, June 25, 2012

Highlights of weekend on call

BOOM...ended weekend on call ALIVE.

Surgical weekends is NO comparison to medical on calls i must say.
Quiet-ER than usual.

1 referral out of these 2 days...not normal. But oh wells, that's me, being abundantly BLESSED!
Running up and down, for discharge letters, prescriptions and reviewing some sickIES in the ward.

Highlights? hmmm...
On Saturday, I was bleeped to do some bloods for this lady. I was told by staff nurse that she tried a few times. Unsuccessful. So I went with a mentality that she is going to be super hard to bleed.
I got hold of the smallest syringe and off I went to see her.
Family gathered around her..All eyes on me*Pressure + Pressure*
Saw her arms and hands..BRUISED all over *ADD ON PRessuRE!!*
I tied the tourniquet TIGHT..TAP TAP a bit with hope that some veins will pop out! Said a quiet prayer in my heart. Put on a big smile on my face and asked her..take a deep breath in..few moments later.. a very rigid vein appeared. *Angie is the happiest doctor now* Stabbed her ONCE and blood flowed into the tube! She said she did not feel a thing! *SuccEss!* I smiled.
She happy, family satisfied. I relieved!

Half an hour later, a nurse came and asked me if I'm on call on Sunday. I replied yess, and I asked why? She said, this patient wants to know if that 'Little Chinese doctor' can come and bleed her tomorrow. Hahahahahaha...*I just laughed to myself*
I indeed went and took some blood off her this morning, and she was UBER happy to see me ..Hah, I just made her day, i hope :]!

Her presence has made my weekend on call feeling much better :)
I survived 2 days on call.
no more for now.

wasSup Doc: Kindness is worth more than beauty ~


*jeSSicA* said...

here, everytime u go and take bloods/do cannulation/whatever u want to do with a patient, there is always a group of family members (not just 2-3 ppl okay) around the pt's bed (yes as if 24 hours is visiting hours) =.=

*jeSSicA* said...

btw, at least ur staff nurse there still tried to take we have to do ourselves...if vein cannot, then have to proceed to arterial...brachial then femoral (scary right?!)

Ang3 said...

Hahahaha....Who said we dun arterial stab ppl here.

Lily just did a femoral stab today to get INR check and I did a radial stab to get blood cross match for blood trasnfusion..Lol.
Not as often, but we do!

But of course, we have the luxury if phlebotomist and some willing trained nurses to take bloods.
We, junior doctors have complained enough to make the trust hired phlebotomist to help us.
If not, we all will have to work overtime to get our jobs DONE.
We also have lots of small stupid things to chase up one..hahaha..

*jeSSicA* said...

'lots of small stupid things'....hahaha

keep up the good work, little chinese doctor =P (if they call u little, then i must be tiny dy)

Ang3 said...

i am being honest. Lily had to chase up a drug board from the pharmacy yesterday...that is obviously a nurse's job. *smacked head*