Saturday, June 23, 2012 NOT in my dictionary!

that's right!

Am on-call over this weekend.
Today was day 1! Survived..:)

Achievement of the day was definitely spanking x2 GREEN cannulas into 2 different patients..Lol
*why so happy?* Coz I have never put such a big cannula into anybody as YET. size PINK is already a challenge.. call me coward previously, i dun care, i just dun wan go burst all my patients veins and gets nothing! And because I know the bigger needle u used, the more pain they get*considerate nyer mua*..but at least I have TRIED size GREEN and succeeded ey:) I am proud of myself. Period:)

Next up..nothing is IMPOSSIBLE until you have tried!
I was handed over by the day team that they have tried taking bloods from this patient and couldn't get any. They 'stabbed' her x7 today and nothing obtained! When I went into her room, I could see the distress in her, and kinda reluctant to let me try anmore. But I managed to persuade her to let me give it a go. Guess what, I got it in my FIRST ATTEMPT and she was impressed! Moral of the lesson is..NEVER SAY IMPOSSIB
LE. Key is..U NEED TO FIND and BE PATIENT, the VEINS are there! *Vampire is my second name*!

2 more days to go....weekends on call..hmm..not something that I look forward to of course. Why? Because patients tend to get more poorly, with spikes of temp..??sepsis! then come these bunch of nurses bleeping you non stop for cannulas and bloods and prescriptions! 5 surgical wards..covered all by yourself, and on top of that..those GP referrals..hooray, more jobs for you, the junior-EST of all!

U're running like a headless chicken in the hospital, has anybody actually cares if you have eaten anything throughout the day..the answer is NO NO NO. You get bleeped to review a patient URGENTLY because he has not passed any urine, but did anybody realised the you yourself has not got time to go toilet as well or even have a sip of water?! Everybody just WANTs a piece of you and squeeze you DRY. This is how the hospital works. Not as glamorous as you think it will be. You work in a DRAMATIC environement...u wont believe how drame it can be..teehee ;)

Now, the doctors in UK recently had a strike. Of course, we working in the hospital are considered as providing emergency care, so we all had to go in as normal day.
But the strike was carried out for a reason. Basically, the government has extended our retirement age which is 68yo and decided to reduce the amount of pension that we're going to get after retirement. Our generation will be the one affected :'(
AGAIN, we doctors are being taken advantage. Sigh..pure BULLYING.
Imagine I have to work another 40++ years..Lol..gonna be a cool old grandma Dr doing rounds man!

Allright, I should really get some sleep now. *fingers crossed for a peaceful weekend*!

wasSup Doc: Seek and you will find ^_^


Zzzyun said...

Hey Angelene! How are you, my dear? I feel the same way when I'm on call as well..

Sometimes it feels like no one cares and all they wanna do is just push all the jobs to u!

But let's gambate and do our best! :)
take care!

Ang3 said...

HELLO!! It's been ages since last hear from you :)
Are you survivng as a junior doctors as well...? Hope everything is going smoothyly down below~

Best wishes there too! Let's work hard yo! Stay strong despite the fact that we kena bullied