Monday, November 01, 2010

Good news one after another

and that's God's faithfulness, definitely:)

Allright, it was an evangelistic Sunday service in church today, the theme was Differences. So Shermaine approached me weeks earlier and asked if I could share my personal experience when I first came to Manchester, and how me being a Christian affects my experiences here. I agreed after praying bout it. The whole interview went ok I would say, I shared bout my feelings and thoughts, maybe sounded very 'kelian' coz few aunts gave me big hugs after the interview and reminded me to 'persevere on'. I did say to the congregation, despite the stressful period, but as a Christian, I choose to be joyful and give thanks in all cicumstances because I know my God holds my future and that's promising enough:) PLUS, the lovely people He has put around me blessed me abundantly as well. Indeed, He is the one who gives me strength so far and I shall PRESS ON!

Just received an email from Li Jun, informing us the great news that ChengJun, a batchmate of ours accepted Christ today. Despite being miles away, this good news bring much joy to us! And I'm sure the angels in heaven are rejoicing as well, celebrating the new birth of our brother! Another soul saved for God! I'm soOoooo uber happy..a GREAT day is today!
not only that, another good news came along subsequently..I was picked randomly as the winner of a bento giveaway, organised by AiPing!!! Rmb the link I posted earlier in my blog..YESssSS, joint effort with Kev and WE WON! Woohooo....double Joy today! Gonna wait patiently for my pressies to arrive Manchester! God is really GooOd, He is blessing me ALL THE TIME! His love is overwhelming and real! If only I could tell everyone that God loves them, because knowing Him is the BEST thing that had happened to me!

PLUS POINT, as work in North Manchester getting more demanding, He remembered to put a new friend to take bus with me to hospital every morning. Her name is Ayda:) Very friendly girl from Qatar! Just last Friday, she surprised me with this lovely choco cornflaky for breakfast! Halloween gift I supposed but it was so thoughtful of her..Simple gesture like that indeed brightened the gloomy weather in Manchester!

A good weekend for me. Hope it's GREAT for all of you too:)
Always remember, when all else fades, Jesus' love for you remains.
And that's all we need!

wasSup Doc: His eye is on the sparrow, and I know he watches me.

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