Saturday, December 18, 2010

the END

for the moment:)

it's the last day of my posting in Rochdale. 3 more weeks+ to go till our exemption finals. This year's Christmas is going to be a draggy one, with intensive revision plans coming up and endless OSCE practice sessions...keeping my fingers crossed to pass this's going to be a stressful time. On top of that, the heavy snow in Manchester is not doing any good...Blizzard at the moment, freezing all the time. Sigh, it's not the right time for exams prep laaaaaa.....Wished i have a portable heater to keep me warm ALL the time! *Dream on Angie*

Anyway, the following are some pics during my stay in the Rochdale accom. Quite nice actually the place there. It's IN the hospital itself, thus every morning I wake up, i just need to run downstairs without going through the cold. And the heater in my room is always in FULL BLAST, which keeps the room nice and warm ALL the time....small but cozy:)
my little corner for dinner. Unfortunately, i had to eat my dinner all by myself...lonely lonely:(
my well balanced meal. Thanks Aunt Winnie who tapao-ed rice and some meat for my supply throughout my week there, add on some steamed vege...nyum~
my favourite snack atm:) Really love this MIXED BEAN SALAD though it's just..plain and in water:P
and when weekends come..hola! Aunt Winnie will prepare a table FULL of home cooked food to feed this piglet (ME)! Seriously lor....December is a FATlalala month!
and latest obsession is to collect nametag of various hospitals! This is from Rochdale and love it MAX coz it says...ELDERLY MEDICINE :))))) *i'm a person of high risk, watch out! *
Dr Namushi(Consultant), Ayda(fellow batchmate), myself and Dr Saravanen (Registrar)
The team that I worked with in Rochdale Infirmiry:)
Dr Namushi is a very down to earth consultant who is very passionate about education. He is one of the very active committee members in the local high school. He was just sharing with us the other day about his dilemma in choosing a headmistress for the school because he believes a good headmistress is very important to oversee the teenagers' pregression! He loves writing poems too abd boy his poem entitled 'Stetoscope' was adopted to be used in one of the medical equipment's company. Not to forget Dr Saravanen, his 10years+ colleague is very eager to teach too! I could rmb vividly when both of them were 'fighting' to teach us and share their knowledge with us! There was once when they saw a very interesting case with posterior communicating artery aneurysm patient's brain scan and we had to stay half an hour more extra to listen to their 'teaching'!!! Lol....oh well, it was great fun learning from them! Seeing them rushing in to get us when there are patients with signs made me feel so enthusiastic in wanting to learn more!
They enjoyed having students around and we love having such passionate supervisors:)
win win situation it is ey:))

Sadly, it's our last day today and we have to bid each other goodbye. Wished each other best of luck, till we meet again in this competative medical arena:)
Some good thing happened today:)
Normally, I would share a cab with Ayda to take the train home because by sharing we save some money and get home faster. But unfortunately, she has a lift back from her friend today. So left myself to go back Manchester. Since the taxi fare is about 3.50pound, add on the train fare of 2.20 pound, it will cost me freaking 5.70 pound to go home one way.Deep in my i kno it's not worth it at all.. So I decided to take a slow walk of 35 minutes to the train station since my daddy said I have put on some weight. Save some money, burn some calories...but had to embrace in the -4 degree cold..hmmmm.Just bear with it lo....BUT BUT i think God took pity on i walked out the hospital, i came across a folded paper on the floor and guess wat I found when I picked it up?! It's a DAYPASS for the coach to go back Manchester which cost 4.10 pound each! How bless I am right! How coincident could this be..God knows.. Yay, the journey to the bus station is half the journey to train station and i need not embrace the cold so long and also save some money on the fare home! Not only that, once i arrived the bus station, the fastest bus to go back Manchester was just 5 minutes till it arrives!! WAhhHhhhhh....perfect timing :)) I am just amazed how God works..that's why, God makes everything beautiful in HIS time...!

So once you're blessed, what should you do...GO bless others right:)
As i came down the bus, I then pass my daily pass to this random gurl who needed one.
And she kept saying 'thank you thank you' when I gave her the buspass because apparently she couldn't find her buspass and the bus is about to leave soon...
Pass the blessings folks, it's Christmas soon!
Sometimes we just forget how blessed we are till realised that little small thing God has put in our lives.

waSsup Doc: thank You Lord, for the bus pass.
It reminded me again about Your love and faithfulness towards me.


*jeSSicA* said...

high risk person! so i should take some precaution next time? what are u going to do to me?

3 more weeks!! all the best k!

p/s: so weird to see u all still have placements in dec....

Ang3 said...

Jess!! I wont do anything to u laa....u tenang:)

placement officially ENDED! so now is intensive study