Saturday, November 13, 2010

I like it....

when it's FRIDAY...(especially TODAY, it's a very special Friday because the day kicked off with a GOOD news from papa n mama, which again proven God really answers prayers)

i like it when my mum encourages me over the phone : JIA YOU honey gal, you can do it..jiayou jiayou nah! and deep in me I know she is worried about me, because of the intense stress I'm experiencing at the moment. I wished I could confidently say I am 100% i will pass this exams, but the little monster in me kept telling me: u're gonna FAIL big time.....God, kill this ugly creature in me:(

i like it when I get to chat with my daddy on msn, and both of us were so carried away by planning all the lovely outings that he is going to bring me when I return next year. We even discussed about the flavour of my cake for my coming birthdays! Just a random conversation we had previously as I was pestering him to bring me to Melacca for a 'makan spree'

Angie: Papa, i did not have time to eat my lunch today, coz i had extra class smacked in the middle of hungry now!
Dad: Oh, so u must be very thin now, like a stick lo..
Angie: NooOo, i'm still quite fat, coz i am eating normally and didn't notice any changes of weight
Dad: So you fatty boom boom, how you going to find BF ler???
Angie: ..........*speechless*........ (OBVIOUSLY my dad is kancheong for me! Lol.....take a chill pill, I believe God will provide the right man at the right time, He will make everything beautiful in His time :)

I like it when the nurse in the clinic makes me a hot cuppa of coffee, just with milk..niceeee:)
Coffee addict I am now, my body just cannot function normally without the boost of coffee to kick start my day, plus, the aroma and warmth of it keeps me warm in this full blast freezer! *and the nurse today saw my reddy wound and offered to slab a huge plaster on my wound to prevent it from getting infected, so sweet of her, right? But that makes ppl around me thought i had suffered great injury n wat not..Lol*see the gigantic plaster on hand...perfect, i don't see my scar anymore!

I like it when I have parcel to receive...who doesn't like it right! Yay! Bento gears arrived safely today, thanks to AiPing's generosity and efficiency in sending the parcel over through FedEx, safe n sound in my arms! Whee~Prezzies I won last week:) She gave me extra belt because she wanted to give VaiKet one too for our JOIN effort in winning this:) So generous of her right..thanks so much AiPing!

I like it when the doctors in the hospital are very enthusiastic in teaching us, medical students! Believe it or not, i just finished a 2 hours lecture on Psychiatry in MRI, on a FRIDAY night..fuyoh, supposedly a party night for the locals and a chilling night for us but guess what, the attendance was unbelievable. FULL HOUSE in lecture theatre, with peeps having to sit on the staircase, because this superbly enthusiastic psychiatrist was asked to give a lecture on TIPS to pass Psych OSCE stations! and boy, he is really GOOD and PASSIONATE about his career! No regrets going for it despite having a long day in North dy. *med schools need more lecturers like him!!!*the massive influx of students eventhough the lecture theatre is already FULL to max dy...enthu lecturer vs enthu word: KIASU :)

and finally I really like it when God puts random people to talk to me. As for today, on my way home, i was sitting alone on the front seat, this young black gurl came over and said:' Let me join you here.' and gave me a big smile. I then asked her how was her day. She replied:'Thank God, it was good. How about yours?' I wanted to say it was a tiring day but when I heard that, I am reminded once more, to give thanks to God though it wasn't great, but God has sustained me. Happily I replied:'Thank God, it was really good too! =)' I came down the next stop and she waved goodbye to me... a God sent angel ey, in the cold windy dark gloomy sky, her simple gesture of love touched me.

my favourite tumbler...Mr Men and Little Missy, with a big smiley face:)
randome note: i super love giraffe now, and u know wat, giraffe has the BIGGEST heart among all other mammals! hehe....


wasSup Doc: i like it when God reminded me that His love for me is greater than any trial I may face...


jasperseng said...

fatty boom boom take good care of ur self ok

Ang3 said...

>Jasper: yea..i will:) Thanks!

prince n princess mum said...

Hope your scars go away faster... take care~

Ang3 said...

>Prince n princess mum: thanks for your concern. I can see new skin forming, hopefully there will not be any scar left! hehe...

vi said...

aww angie, we have so much in common! giraffeeee, sunflower.. and little miss and mr men!!!

i wish i have your optimistic spirit as well :) influence me pleasee... miss you my dear xxxx