Sunday, October 17, 2010

stress gilerrr..

yess, that's how i'm feeling now...Job application form for foundation programme was out last week. And we're all now felt extremely stress answering those questions given, based on our clinical experiences over the last 5 years, and the score we get out from this questions will determine where we're posted when we qualified later.....Though i know the outcome is under God's control, I do feel i've the responsibility to answer them well. Downside is, my English just CMI...*big sigh*! Alright, shall stay positive and positive and positive! ~POSITIVE thinking!!!!!~

Anyway, celebrated Siti's birthdat last Friday. A short gurly night out @ the LivingRoom:)
Us, and the Birthday gurl...
gurls and a boy, Min!
Attended an Acupuncture teaching session in Chritie last week, and i asked the Prof to put a needle on me..the position is a trigger point to act on my guts! Guess wat, i really had some funny feeling when he poked getting interested about this kinda of medicine...Lol. Thinking of signing up for a course on acupuncture now..random!

the sisters decided to reward ourselves with Thai food..PadThai for lunch after a long week of cooking in:) Nonnnoomm..
my first attempt on ABC soup....not that great compared to my grandma's...wat's the missing ingredients?! Hmmmm....maybe, a heart of L.O.V.E:)
ok, BENTO mood again! Started eating Pita bread instead of bread! To me, Pita=Manna! Lol...because it looks like the description i understand..Basically, Manna is the name of a food that God provided for the Isrealites during their travels in the desert as recorded in the bible. Reminder:: God will provide!

by the way, Kidsdreamwork is having a bento contest! Just click at the link and check it out to win yourself some cool stuff if u're a bento maniac like me! Congratulations AiPing for your first anniversary on blogging:) Malaysia Boleh~

Another giveaway at Bentobloggy. Do head there ASAP to win yourself some awesome bento accessories:)

Just a random sidetrack, Lily's legs are LONGer! Aunty, she has grown taller!!!
Yup, OSCE prep prep prep! Finals in 3 months tome and i'm STRESS over that too...why everything must come together....!!!
headache laaar:(

so this is the summary of my very.super.extremely stressful life now!

why am i such a worrior instead of a warrior?

watsSup Doc: Worry is a burden God never intended us to bear.
I should be reminded by that once more.


Huey Shann said...

Jia you! Ganbatte ne :)

misssuyin said...

Finals? OSCE? Stress?
Hmmmm all sounds so familiar =P
But no matter how many times we go through it, the stress levels still remain the same huh, no sensitization wan =P
You gonna do just great Angie!
Jia you jia you jia you k!

Ang3 said...

>Shann: Thanks dear..hope u're doing well too..:) Aja!

>misssuyin: DENISE!! it's been ages since i last heard from u! Thanks for the lovely cheer..miss u LOADS!

KidsDreamWork said...

Thanks for the shoutout Angelene and wish you good luck! The Acupuncture needle makes me feel goose bump all over, you are brave! :P

Ang3 said...

>AiPing: u're welcome...:)

Jens said...

don't worry ok! i'm sure u can pass the exam.. anyway what's CMI? hahaha..
here also stress ler.. portfolio is tough cuz cases are rather limited.. and if you don't like where u posted to, MAS is always welcoming back graduates from overseas.. come back here la! ur service is needed...=)

Ang3 said...

>Jens: CMI= cannot make it!
Malaysia ey...i cant take the 90 hours long I'm not trained that way like u lot...but i would love to go home, to be with friends, and family..England is sooooOo cold:(

Anonymous said...

Jiayou =)