Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas is near!

Jingle bell..jingle bell..jingle all the way~
Whee...the festive season is around the corner and it's the month of FATlalalallalal again!
Mouth watering mince pie, turkey, brussels sprouts and Christmas just NOT gonna touch the weighing machine for a month because I would not want a heart attack during this joyful month..Lol! Oh's ONCE a year only..forgive me k my BODY, i shall STUFF you with lots of goodieS :)

So the MUST eat in YEARLY GERMAN Christmas Market in Manchester!Yearly affair with the Macaroons...our first love since 2008!

Warm nice NUTTY strudel with custard sauce, just nice for the winter!
100% Angus Beef burger in a bap with onion~

Christmas Market officially ended today! Till then Macaroons..One more year till i see you again :'(
At the meantime, our small little hut has turned into a tuition centre with NOTES all over our place..Revision time during breakfast :) No time is wasted...PRECIOUS second!Allright, it's TONGZHI today, and though we're miles away from home, Aunt Winnie made us TongYuan to celebrate this 'family reunion' day :)
*home sickness struck again today*
Aunt Winnie has been in Manchester for 5 weeks and she is leaving home tomorrow:(
Gonna miss her bubbly presence in my apartment and also her yummilicious home cooked meals. Till we meet again aunt...Have a safe flight home k:)
Thanks abundance for lavishing me with so much love and care.
Do come visit again k..but not during winter season of course...:D
Lovely mum and daughter

Blessed Christmas to all
It's gonna be an OFF day to celebrate Jesus' birth!
Before then..PUSH ON!

wasSup Doc:
Terima Sukacita Surga, itulah kekuatan bagi jiwa :)

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