Thursday, October 28, 2010


i am indeed. I know, i have been complaining much bout my tiredness, am I just being lazy, or maybe i'm having undiagnosed chronic fatigue syndrome, which no medication can actually helps:P After submitting our job aplication form last Fri, it was a big relief to all of us. But it marked the beginning of my next posting as well. So currently, am posted to North Manchester, for another 4 weeks. My daily routine is not as chillax as previous block. Waking up at 7am, catch a bus at 8am and reach hospital by 9am and start my day with ward round, followed by teachings, ward work with FY1 and hopefully home by 6pm IF am not stucked in the traffic! How am I supposed to study after that laaaa...the weather is so cold, the wind is so strong and I am knackered by the end of the day!!! *that's what I've got to endure, being abroad* Warning to those who are looking forward to study oversea:) Be prepared!
Glad that I managed to escape a few hours last Friday to surprise Joyce's 21st birthday. Meeting church mates are always jolly fun, because these youngsters are always in the bubbly-no-worries-mood, whereas aunty Angie is always the tired-busy-somuchtoworry-mood!Lol..Proudly present to you, my dear 'stalker' - SUREE! She is a Singaporean, currently studying in Manchester! How she found me was indeed God's beautiful plan! Before she came to UK, she did some research about where to stay, and thus she randomly googled about 'St Gabs Hall', the place i stayed for 2 years! And my blog popped up when she googled that. Naively, she read my blog and subsequently follows my updates. She even know LILY Chan though they've never met b4! TILL we finally met in church recently and yes, she is happily staying in Gabs! (Thanks to my good review in my blog previsouly! I should be paid for that..Lol)
Something to cheer up because my dear friend from Paris, sent me a postcard from where she is studying now...Provence:) Thanks Alice for the kind thoughts...Just love the lavender garden infront of the house in the postcard.
and it's always good to hang out with my dear 'family'. IT'S been ages since we last have dinner together! whee~
our fish and chips adventure with Shah and her bf! the fish is HUGE!..random notes aside. Love hanging out with my gurls:) Stress FREE!

And finally, i had a complementary relaxation therapy attachment last week and the tutor gave me a golden star, it's a squeezy ball to release stress! She taught me the breathing technique and gave me a 15mins foot massage! Just at the right time as I was pretty tense up with my application and studies. God sent definitely:)

Many things to give thanks for indeed.
Even coming home late to have Lily eating dinner with me is a blessing.

no complain. hang in there right, Angie.

wasSup Doc: I'm lacking confidence in myself, but am reminded that confidence in Christ is the right kind of confidence I need.


Vai Ket said...

hanging out with the girls? am i not one of ur sisters too? X)

hey, if u are free, could u send me some pictures of when i was there? that would be so nice. i'll send you mine if u send me yours!

Anonymous said...

How did u earn the complementary relaxation therapy session?! I also want lah.

Ang3 said...

> Kev: U ARE A BOY larrr..aiyo! :P

>Anon: Hmmmm, who is this btw? I would love to know you..hehe. Anyway, I didnt earn it, told you it was God sent. I signed up for a day placement there, was supposed to learn about wat service they offered to patients with cancer,but in the end, the therapist was so kind to offer to massage my feet for free, just like that:) God is good!

Huey Shann said...

I like the picture of you and Lily behind the star. :)

Jia you!