Monday, February 01, 2010

a taste of Ireland!

NOPE, we didnt go to Ireland of coz...:P

It's been GREAT week...with much work done and so, decided try this Irish restaurant in Didsbury since they're having some Irish meal deal for just 3.49 pound:) Called Oneils! so yeap, the food quite nice and the atmosphere..hmmmm...we're the only Chinese among the WhitEs...:) So we quietly sat at a corner with our tap water, whereas those whites drinking their beer, Guiness, etc...muakkaka...sorry lar, Chinese lacking aldehyde dehydrogenase to break down alcohol:P Give our liver a break k...:)

Teo infront of the Oneils Pub..

Promo ad by the couple! hmmm, wat are they doing behind the card nihh:P

and here comes the glorious food

Steph's Irish sausages topped with calcononGeniE's Guiness battered fish and chipsLy's and my Irish stew crock pot plus soda bread..nyum~

not to forget, dessert..heavenly Choc fudge plus vanilla ice cream..
'a taste of heaven' quoted Lily
Bramley apple tart with custard..cant fight the choc fudge:P

quite a nice pub..but seroiusly, we were the only Chinese in the midst of those ang mohs...
see how good the choc fudge is, even Gene gave up on the apple tart:P
US @ mini Ireland

love Irish food, dun ya?

ManUtd ardent fan, fellow Teo!! I was 'invited' to watch MU vs Arsenal with him today..and woohoo..glory glory MU!
high 5 brooooo! but sorry lar, slept half way...coz am resting in peace since they scored 3 goals so early dy...muakkakaka...stil, i watched most of it ba..:P Nani+Rooney+Park..WellDonE guys!
PLUS i did some victory dance when they scored, not bad d lar for a noob fan like me:D

and this week bento set..

called 'The garden of LOVE'

Manchester needs SUNshine, Angie loves SUNflower and my bento has a SUNny side up:)

wasSup Doc:

the people that mind don't matter, and the people that matter don't mind...G-wong!


*jeSSicA* said...

sunny side up and ur poor egg yolk =P

keep up the good work!

Ang3 said...

Ya:( the egg burst b4 i pick it up..
oh tasted allright though:)