Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Thanks to Him!

AM jumping with joy now...words cant describe how excited and happy I AM after knowing I WON the contest! Out of 74 entries...the random integar generator picked one of my NUMBER!
See the my winning post
here by BentoZen

Honestly, all praises and glory must go to God! It is He who made this impossible POSSIBLE!
Let me share with u why i say so...

As all have known, Angie has been crazy over bento! I could spend HOURs and HOURs just looking through all the bento pics available and try to learn some tips from these bloggers on how to make my bento lunch more interesting.

So this fine afternoon came, as I was googling all bento blogs online AGAIN, i came across BentoZen's post about this vacation contest! Just randomly i must say( God's guidance #1)....and the tricky part of this competition was that u must GUESS where she is going for her holiday before being qualified to participate in the draw for the GRAND PRIZE! So how to guess?? She would drops some clues on and off on her twitter and by gathering this clues, send her your guess through email and she would tell you whether you got it correct or not! I could only send 2 guesses one day, on top of that, before sendin the GUESS in, I was required to send in pics of the bento boxes I've made as well! Allrighty, which means i must make bentoS in order to participate! DETERMINEd..just give it a try harm right, and since i'm just the beginner, no matter wat prizes come along, I dun mind, they ARE ALL ATTRACTIVE to me, because i need those accesories EAGERLY! I cant afford to buy any in UK coz they're WAY too expensive and making bento is actually a way of saving $$$ for me..

Allrighty, no doubt my public knowledge is not as good, sent in the first and 2nd guesses..I've got no reply, means didnt got the location right! *disappointed* but am not giving up yet! Tried googling as much as i could with the clues given, but na...cant get anything right! Then i decided to seek help from friends thru..FACEBOOK! (God's guidance #2 coz i seldom post up question as such)After posted some clues there, suggestions of answers flew in one after another!
And God sent this friend, Fabien to give me THE correct answer! I could still rmb vividly how he insisted it's ICELAND the place the blogger is going by the mere 3 clues i gave! Click
here to see wat he has said on my FB wallpost! And to my surprise...THE ANSWER IS CORRECT btw, ICELAND has never come across my mind, but my instint just asked me to try!!!!! (God's blessing #3) i'm FINALLY qualified to the draw! And to make the chance of me winning, i must now submit 2 entries of bento EVERYDAY till the dateline! Faithfully i made bento everyday and sent in my entries:) Lilttle did i know, my effort PAID off!

When i received the email from BentoZen saying i've got the correct answer, i somehow had this feeling it's God's blessing upon me. It's Him who gave me the correct answer, he is the one picking the number from the draw and NOW He is the one who blesses me with the pressies. I guess He understands my situation most for now. I wanted eagerly for those bento stuff, searching online HOURS to get the best deals and kept pestering my sis back home to buy me MORE bento accessories. Then come the result day..which is today!!! I rmb telling Him once i really wanna win this, and if it's in His will, let me win this..and true enough..I WON There is no other ways i could have won this if it's wasn't HIM making the impossible POSSIBLE!
The chances i've got to win this was very narrow because there were SOooo many participants all over the world who took part in this, and still, a beginner like me could win it all!

So, really~ nothing is impossible for Him who is able!

But just yesterday, as i was doing my quiet time, He spoke to me, asking me not to be distracted with things that can draw our attention away from spending time with God. It's a wake up call for me coz i think i've been too indulged in this hobby and neglected other things around me. Like spending time with God's people or even time with my Father in heaven. I will continue making bento definitely, but i shall set my priority right at the same time:) I must remember, in every deeds or action, the ultimate glory belongs to Him! TQ God!

SooOo..wat i have won? A few bento boxes:) some candies, Chopsticks, some bento accessories and 50 background deco papers! I shall post them up WHEN they arrive k:)

and today's Red Challenge bento is THIS:)
Hearts with Red dots on my chicken ham Granny baton, Red strawberry and also Red cabbage!

nyum nyum~ lunchie:)

wasSup doc: Hold tightly what is eternal, but loosely to what is temporal..


Anonymous said...

congrats mummy! ;) happy for u!! hehe

Ah Pei said...

wow! congrats. didn't know bento is so grand. lols. really God's grace lorrrr...

*jeSSicA* said...

whoa so many congratulations! u must be proud!

....full time bento maker and part time doctor? interested? =P

Anonymous said...

awww congrats angie. u light up my day!
i nearly dropped my tears when i read this. happy for u

G-Wong said...

waaaah... impressive... congrats!!

Ang3 said...

>Aileen: Thanks dear:)

AhPei..yup, it's REALLY God's grace and favour upon me:))

>Jess: nope, i dun feel proud at all..these are all my humble trials and all glory to God i must say..

>Anon: I may not kno who you are, but am glad my post here enlightened you up...rmb, God's blessings is upon everyone of us every now and then..He loves u and me..forever

>G-wong: thanks thanks..but really, nth to be impressed larr..everybody can make those bento easily:)