Thursday, February 25, 2010

Happy Tiger year:)

Sorry for this procrastination of updating my bloggie..Been quite busy with work recently PLUS it's CNY, surely there were MORE celebrations than usual:) In another words...MORE glorious food to eat...a season to grow horizontally i guess:P oh wells...once a year onlybaaa...DIET plan..forget it for now:P

CNY 1sr day..CHINATOWN celebration..Jam packed wei..Ang mohs really enjoyed seeing lion dance and eating CHINESE food( to be honest, all the food price were hiked up!) oh wells, talking bout the Chinese brains to make business!

Church had a CNY dinner, so we as waiters:) Goodie Chinese food..char siew, beef belly, dumplings, chicken curry~
Gab's CNY party...the food..CMI(cannot make it) at all! We just asked for sweet n sour chicken and it came out..BLUNT:( and even the dessert was..PANCAKE! !!??? how to fit in CNY picture?!
but deco was nice:) with red packets, chopsticks and fortune cookies! PLUS chrysanthemum tea for our drinks..nice~
started playing netball again...not fit anymore Angie! really need to train up some stamina..PLUS my shooting skills ar..wahlau..i think i missed SOOoo many shots and let my team down! arhHhhHg..why lar..WHY! But it's been good, starting exercising again, even though WHOLE body ache after the game!

ANDdd biggie THANKs to Jessica for this lovely surprise!
seee this..i'm still impressed:P
dahlah it's Hello Kitty! When i first open this package, i tot Jess sent me a water bottle..fine, i surely love it since it's Pink:)
then when i pulled it OPEN, it's actually a brolly:)!!!! Cute-nyer~
then then this cute lil keychain..DUN LOOK DOWN on it! the surprise of this is..IT SMELLS just like a REAL BUN! DAMMnnnN GOOD! dahlah i love bread, now i can smell it ALL THE TIME...Geng-ness! Bravo to those who created such canggih stuff in HongKong!
and my REDdy+ CNY+ Valentine's bento challenge:)
(description: a Haribo ring, lying in the pepper box filled with pakora chicken and...tomatoes eyes on roast potato:P)

that's about for now..need to get back to work!
just some insight of my next post::
Weekend @ Dundee with the IMU gang:) superbly GOOD FOOD!
we were really blessed to have these Dundonians as our host. They were AWESOME. They should be awarded with the BEST 'non-stop FEEDING guests' host! will talk bout it more, see how excited we were!
ANDDD FINALLY! my PRESSIES arrived safely from NEW YORK! rmb my Bento contest i won! what a BIG box i've got. Allrighty, will share bout these goodies in my next post. WAIT~

i'm tired.

wasSup doc:
Jesus said 'come to me, all who are weary and carry heavy burdens, and I will give you rest.'
-Matthew 11:28-


*jeSSicA* said...

that shows how observant u ARE...dahlah the box already said 'deco umbrella' on it =P surprised that u'll put those up!

wat's pakora chicken??

Ang3 said...

>Jess: coz...i just concentrating to see wat's inside maaa..cant blame me for being so observant right:P and pakora chicken is thai style fried chicken:)

lil' miss sunshine said...

show me what's in the BIG BOX!!

G-Wong said...

and i always thought pakoras was indian... haha

Ang3 said...

>lil miss sunshine: allrighty, will post the pics up soon k

>G-wong: erm..mayb u're might b blur blur one la:)

ly said...

im tired too *BIG HUGS*
we can make it through :)