Tuesday, February 09, 2010

the RED challenge:)

Since bento sets here are REALLY expensive, i hv to resort to this..entering as many competitions as possible to TRY MY LUCK. The previous challenge is OVER and the draw is TONIGHT! arghh...* i wan win smth, just SMTH will do *
there is only one winner actually coz there is only ONE draw..

the next challenge is organised by HapaBento, with RED as the theme..called the B.O.M.B challenge...why? "Red represents HEART for American Heart Awareness month, Red for Valentine's Day and Red for the lucky ang pow u get for CNY:)"

so my challenge this week around is REDdy Red RED:) my breakfast with RED HEARTs! Red tomatoes, Red grapes!
oh..not to forget my Haribo bear bear gave his heart to U!
and my HEART shaped kiwi:)

loving RED this week..:P
loving God more..
wasSup Doc: God sent His only begotten son, to die on the cross for us..His blood has shed for our sins...Red indicates His blood, His love for u and me.


*jeSSicA* said...

red for watermelon!

Ang3 said...

watermelon is so expensive here!! if it's in Malaysia..i would hv loads of choices including...dragon fruits! rambutans and laici!

*jeSSicA* said...

my dear, how come i cant remember lychee being red? and dun tell me u gonna put the whole rambutan skin for red =P