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Should have written it so much earlier but due to some it is..
Allrighty..think i'm just gonna summarise some highlights there. .it'll be taking too much of my time to write down my whole itinery here:P Sorry ar...i need TIME to study my BRAIN..argh..why human BRAINs are so complicated..oh wells, God created it, i will ask Him when i see Him:)

de TOURISTs:) Stephie, AiAi, Lily, Lilian, Angie, Eugene and Troy!

::of Places::

Gaudi's majestic design..Sagrada Familia

1992 Olympic Barcelona stadium!the breathless US...had to walk up SUPER steep and FAR way to find..
Montjuic Castle! we shud hv taken the cable car up!!! we were so embarrased when only these CHINESE people, walked out from the bushes..a.k.a the DORSAL way..haih!inside Monjuitc Castle
FC Barca!!!!~~~ too bad for the boys, it was close when we went..didnt get to go for the tour..the BEACH! our Tour guide!

banyak stones!

my favourite SPOT! called the Guell Park. It's a park on the hill, overlooking the whole Barcelona! Gaudi designed the whole park with his distinct colourful sculptures..just like those behind, gingerbread houses:) there are many other parts of the park, well design and very beautiful as well! Lurve this park MOST! Felt like i'm in Alice in Wonderland..the 'MUST POSE WITH' creature outside Park Guell coz it's featured in Lonely Planet..muakakaka
outside Catalan Archeological Museum
Gaudi's Casa Batllo..actually got story behind these why he designed this way and all, but I cant rmb anymore:(
another Gaudi's Casa! beautiful building:)


::of Food::

nyum nyum nyum...Spanish food..i like generally!
found this small lil shop one day and the saefood paella was REALLY good:) hidden treasure..see the king prawnS..

This was my FAVOURITE food stall of's in La Ramblas...the busiest, most lively street of the city! HIGHly recommended by the 'Lonely Planet' We waited like 45mins for a place to sit! Let's see wat they served:)it's just a food stall selling FRESH seafood of all kinds! mixed seafoodsquidGrilled salmon
All were so fresh and mouth watering. Though they're quite pricey but if u's quite worth while!

FRESH fruit juices @ La Ramblas

Pastries in Barcelona were super attractive and mouth watering! We would stop by any pastry shop and buy one just for tasting:) That's the benefit of coming with a big group..sharing is caring~our favourite tapas( appetizers in Spanish) Fried whitebait!:):):)Monkfish stew with king new year dish. Highly recommended by 'Lonely Planet' oh..SUPERbly yummy! only @ AguT:) go go try k..

Sangria..Spanish wine..erm..taste quite fruity..but FULL OF WINE!

and not to forget, our home packed sandwich Lunch with ham:) we're just students, and thus it's always a budget holiday...nyum:) looked very pathetic sitting along a longkang hor..but naa...let's see wat our view was:Poverview of the whole breathtaking Barca view! But the angmohs found us weird sitting there eating our sandwich. Some even took out their camera and take picture of us, this Chinese bunch eating along the drain..muakkakak:P


::of random pics::water fountain is everywhere in Barca..thus free drinks for us always:) wanted to find the one DaoMingShi and Sanchai used in Meteor Garden II, but we couldnt find it:( will we come back again after drinking this water?
If u could rmb, i had a pic posing with the RED postbox in Belgium, so this time, it's YELLOW postbox..send me home for CNY~
Steph said must take pic under the sun..just wanna show how sunny n good the weather was when we were there!:))
and us @ apartment, after whole day of jalan-jalan...tired sial at the end of the day! and Lily our accountant would be counting our daily expenditure, making sure all of us dun overbudget:P Good job huh:)


:: of Prayer WORRIORs::I must say this trip was really under God' protection all the time! I'm grateful to have these brothers n sisters in Christ with me, travelling to this 'pickpockets' manifested country. Every night, no matter how exhausted we are, we would still sit together and reflect back how God has protected/ been faithful to us each day. Then we would pray together, for a sunny weather, for protection and for our plannings to go accordingly. God's presence was greatly felt throughout this trip and we, 4 felt, it's definitely by God's grace.

First up, we were very blessed to hv such sunny weather. B4 we went, it was forecasted to be quite cold and might rain..but throughout our 5days 4night, it only drizzled once at night. Otherwise, the scorching sun was always there, which allowed us to be outdoor more, and capture pictures without the gloomy weather! Even Steph was asking us not to pray too hard for HEAT dy coz it's too HOT..muakakkakak

Everybody knows Barcelona is famous for it's pickpockets. We were warned by our friends way earlier b4 we went, out of 10 groups who visited Barca..9 groups would have encounter this sort of incident! So just b4 the day we were about to leave, Troy was mugged by a group of professionals pickpockets! They swiftly went into the train from different entrance and within seconds, the whole gang surrounded Troy and forced their hands into his pocket, wanting to grabhold of his wallet! It was as though they're going to bash him up because Troy was reluctant to give..Thank God, Troy was calm enough and forced his way out from the train without any loss...All of us were traumatised after this incident. Even Troy testified that he wouldnt know wat to do if it wasn't God wih him....Thank God, the door of the train close few minutes later so that Troy could escape the misery, thank God, this unfortunate thing happened at the last night just b4 we left, Thank God, all of us are safely home in one piece. Thank God, that He listens to our prayers:)

so yup, if God is with us, WHO can be against us?

It was surely a fun filled, exciting plus adrenaline rush holiday. Things would not be the same if it wasn't God with us:)

wasSup Doc: NO place is more secure than to be in God's hand...

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Jens said...


troy.. dont worry.. ur like TROY.. who dare to go near u? lol.. yeah.. can be pretty freak out after kena surrounded with pickpockets..

anyway barca look seriously beautiful la.. i wanna go too.. in fact i wanna go europe, i wanna go austria.. u should go to see the lakes before they dry up.. haha...