Monday, February 08, 2010

Eat, Read, Sleep:)

that's my life now...
EAT as much good food as possible.

READ as much as i can. Blame on the cold weather and gloomy sky, always make me sleepy n hungry and no motivation! BUT NOOOooO, i shall not give up, persevere on! AhhhH

Sleep as little as possible...sigh..why i am yawning again~
Oh well....
i'm DONE with psychiatry...not an easy specialty i must say..dealing with patients with mental illness is a challenge!
Just the last day, we interviewed a bipolar disorder patient..we were told he is stable, but lilttle did we know, his mood was elated..which means he is MANiC!! We could hardly get a proper history out off him and he ended the interview by letting us hear some of his songs he composed!

one of it is for his lover...which rhymed like...a beautiful SEA, when i'm FREE and a bla bla TREE!

oh, not to forget he is an ardent ManU fan, and he sang a song for ManCity..that goes..Manchester SHITTY Shittty....We just LAUGHED our heads off!! how good his skills of rhyming!:)

allrighty, am moving on to Neurology next..another brain provoing specialty! Just hope am not confused in the end with the FOREVERCANNOTUNDERSTAND BRAINstuff....ARgh! Wish me luck pwease...
okay, some updates for this week! Shahira, Steph n myself went on an adventurous trip to Whitefield for this...Slattery pastry and chocolate teahouse..very very nice n cozy:) Luckily we went early to beat the crowd. The bus ride took 1 hour, and tadaa...we were early(11am)
Us @ Dining Room
complementary homemade choc:)their sandwiches were AWESOME:)

HOT CHOC comes with 3 flavours..SWISS milk choc, ALPINE white choc and NOIR dark choc!
my greedy face...the HOT white choc is..ah:) indescribable!

(p/s: fat liao fat liao..face round round..but dun care! still wanna eat n drink n enjoy life)
my bento craze

some of you might have known..Angie is in the bento craze now, and if u followed my bento album in Facebook, you will realised for the past one week, i uploaded picS of my bento craze aside, why i so faithfully updated that album was because i participated in a bento competition and the requirement is to post a pic of your bento set EVERYDAY! So in order to win some cute pretty bento accessories, i need to make bento EVERYDAY! though it's kinda taxing at times due to limited time in the morning, i still really find JOY doing it!

*fingers crossed* hope i can win smth though...grrr! Fly me back to Malaysia please..wan go Daiso or 100 yen shopSssS!

My little forest made up of..sweet potatoes, wholegrain bread, surrounded by broccolli, chick peas and corn! Awww...lurve decorating it!

have a blessed week ahead:)

wasSup Doc: Time spent with God is time well spent. I need to really spend more time with Him and listen to wat He wants to speak.

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