Monday, March 01, 2010

Dundee Joy!

Visited the Dundonians last weeked:) They were really AWESOME hostSsS...We're fed like PIGS with THUMBS UP UP UP food:) These people are real good chefs, be it in main course or dessert..they can tapao so embarrased being their peers!

Let the pictures do the talking:)

the 3 mancunians(Eugene, Lily and myself) arrived Dundee bout 11pm..Nearly missed the connecting train, but thank God, we managed to hop into the train just when the train was about to leave, in a minute time..phew...! And when we arrived the place..3 of us were 'WARMLY' welcomed by 3 pretty gurls( Vivian, Wannie and Jiayu) with 3 yummy goody dessertS! the many 3...random!Vivian's tiffin
Viv's famous pandan cake and Jiayu's sweet sponge cake..superbly nice weii..

Then 2nd day, we visited St Andrew's, which is just across Tay river:) Just like Penang mainland to Penang island...

Some ruin in st Andrew's..mayb a church:P cant really rmb
The Old Link Golf called birthplace of GOLF!Finally get to meet Wannie:):):)
Award winning ice cream in St Andrews..a MUST eat thingy wor..despite the cold wind..had to embrace it..
our lovely hosts! Thanks guys..
Along the beach

Then dinner time..And the business in the kitchen started since...530pm.
All the chefs BUSY with work! Whole team led by Chun Seng! crazineSs..and am really impressed by their teamwork!
and we're locked outside:P
and play with the fish( ChunSeng's pet!)...muakkakaka.
then later main chef assigned us with work( he planned this so that we could occupy ourselves with smth while they cooked in the kitchen)
my skills of wrapping dumpling...thanks to Ivy's training in Edin last month!
tadaa...our hard work:P

And ALARM: the following are the glorious food from Restaurant 23, Kinloch called best Restaurant in Dundee! DO NOT drool over ur computer k..5 STARs awarded for every dish:)
King prawn with asparagus
cucumber with chilli
'Shark' fin soup BEST!
Jiayu's char siew..*drool*
Baked chicken wings
braised pork ribs
dumpling soup with bak choi
and dessert..Banana cupcakes crunch!
Angie's MUST pose:)
mins later..all sat quietly eating dy...i'm in AWE!
Couldn't believe my own tastebuds! They're are really really GOOD. If you have a chance, MUST visit this 'restaurant' before these chefs separate to different ways to pursue their work:P
3 cheers for the DunDoNianS..we really had GREAT fun our tummy are contented toO!ahh....very blessed to hv u all there!
Bento Contest gifts:)
tadaa...pretty tote bag, tupperwares, Japan imported candies, chopsticks...
and 50 sheets of background colour papers..hehe..:)

*happy me*

Eugene left Manchester yesterday, after 2 months of elective. Great having u with us bro..take care back home and all the best in SEM 9 EOS! Fellow Teo...u can do it!and had a visitor from London!! ROONEY..woohooo:)

ok hola...back to work. Monday again.

Angie smile..i see grace~

wasSup Doc: When all is lost, remember you haven't lost Jesus...

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