Saturday, January 02, 2010

Meet the mighty lady:)

phew..finally am back from my holidays:)
it's been GREAT, a short escape from Manchester, to Edinburgh to see my DEAREST Ivy!
The last time i saw her was...2 years ago:) Though we kept in touch through emails and messages and calls, nothing compared to seeing each other and staying under the same roof for....5 days! My stay in Edin was really well planned by her and the best part of all, we got to TALK TALK TALK and did loads of things together! the BEST HOST award goes to Ivy Ang!

Very organised schedule each day:) even my meals were well prepared, AWESOME!!busy wrapping up the dumpling, ready for Party:)

my first attempt making dumpling from scratch:) very yummy oh!
Ivy's Church mates:) xmas party! we played 'articulate', some board games:) nice peeps! God's children:D

then jalan-jalan along Princess Street and bumped into IMU mates:) Poh Peng and Xin Loong:)

Edin not that big after all:)

and came Chee Wei's birthday( Ivy's church fren), so we decided to bake an apple blueberry crumble for him:)

Birthday Party @ Hard Rock..

and we had a FEAST! :)

watched a musical:) 'We will rock you' :)

candid shot:P

visited the childhood museum:) didnt kno such museum existed:P *stoned*

baked a gingerbread house together with her CF mates..Sue Ann and Charis!

my all time favourite in Edin..the CASTLE! Scrolling along Princes Street, overseeing the castle..ah, God is good:)our movie night together:) *Pride and Prejudice* Mr Darcy~~:Pand Brussels sprouts and carrot were our snack:)

Her cooking skills has surely improved:) I remember Ivy used to make egg sandwich for me back in IMU. When i visited her this time, she cook some simple yet very yummy meals for me:) i like:DPasta shells with mushroom saucesmoked salmon sandwich for lunch!admiring my packed lunch in the hospital common room:) egg baguette)Mushroom swiss with a cup of chai tea and oranges for breakfast..chit chatting with Ivy..this is holiday:)
at Calton Hill, in the snow:)the majestic palace!

Am loving spendin time with this woman.One in a million, great sister of mine:)us in the snow!

There are times when i needed to tell someone my fear, times when i have needed someone to share my secret, times when i have needed someone to rejoice with me over an achievement. And those were the times when only you will do, thanks Ivy for being who you are to me:)

I really cherish this 5 days spent with u:) It's indeed God's grace that i'm able to do all these together with u:)

Just got back from Barcelona...stay tune, more updates soon:)

Hola from the gurls in Mcr:) Mummies and daddies out there, we're safely back and school starting this Monday...Set to GOooooO:)

wasSup Doc: Happy New Year to everybody out there..2010, a year of new revival, making a difference and spreading the Love of Christ:)


*jeSSicA* said...

my turn bila?

Ang3 said...

>Jess: i wished it's soon..but i really dunno when:'(