Saturday, December 19, 2009


Sooo sorry for this delayed has been busy week prior to Christmas, plus the infectious diseases test just yesterday....phew..finally it's WEEKEND and HOLIDAYs for...2 weeks:) it's time to chill a bit after those hectic schedule since August i came..And big apologize LOYAL readers who are....Stephie's mummy n daddy+Lily's mummy..aiiyooo......really sorry aunts n uncles:)

I kno you guys are so eager to know how are ur children doing here..:) will try my bestie to up date more often k...

First up...a party with my small group members...calling them the Pencils of God:) Thanks to ivy's analogy:) Knowing that our lives is always guided by God, is indeed a very reassuring:)

Why we're called the pencilS of God?
It has been a great semester with you guys..all of u are AWESOME

and Aunty Angie is looking forward to grow deeper in love with God, together with all of u:)
thanks for being so supportive n so many ways

Next up...
SF Christmas party:)
Each small group is supposed to come up with 3 dishes..and in the end, we had THESE!
Good job:)
Baked pasta with mussel, beef fried rice, dumplings, lemon chicken, egg salad, mee goreng, baked char siew sauce chicken wings, char siew, beef potatoes!! When east meets the west food:)
Campur aduk=NICEee:)DesseRts:) Red bean soup, rhubard custard tart, Christmas pudding, mandarin oranges?!
Gurls in my small group:) missing out Tiff!

and finally...Christmas carol service in Church...sending LOVe home from us:)
You light up my world!
wasSup Doc:
goin off to Edinburgh NOWWWw...IVY, here i come:):):)
Cant wait to see this mighty lady!! Never see her for AGES!!!!!!!
safe journey Angie:)


*jeSSicA* said...

Edinburgh?! niceeee..

CarynBear said...

huh .. u goin edin now??
i goin edin 30 th dec .. wil u b there?

Ang3 said...

>Jess: in Edin now:)
nice nice NICEeee!
very pretty oh the castle:) i like i like!

>Caryn: i'm going back on the 24th dec dy...aiyaaaaaa!! wrong timing la dear. are u coming Edin for long?

CarynBear said...

just few days .. =)
Merry Christmas Angel

Ang3 said...

>Caryn: Merry Christmas dear:)