Tuesday, January 05, 2010

i smell white Christmas:)

Merry belated Christmas peeps:)

Guess why am i sitting here in the morning(when am supposed to be in the hospital)?!?
it's because of BAD WEATHER:P our whole day class got cancelled because of the heavy snow storm that attacked Manchester overnight! And it's 5 inches THICK..imagine that, as though we're in the north pole...craziness! Even the locals have never seen such thick snow over the past 10+ years!!!! Wahlau..i dunno i should say am lucky or not...pity us, woke up so early in the morning, prepared our bento lunch and scrolled through the thick snow and wat we got in return?? CLASS CANCELLED...sigh:(
View from my room...
Anyway...i shall blog bout my recent Christmas Day then since i have not got time to talk bout it yet:) This year's Christmas was FaB:) ChRistmas Day service was a bit different, with members sharing their favourite Christmas Carols, praying for the congregations and also different fellowshipS performing..interesting:)
the 3 wise men singing:) Uncle Mike, Uncle Lip and Xin Yang:)

Had a white Christmas this year:) And guess what, the last white Christmas was mayb 14 YEARS ago:P

and so...~i'm dreaming of a white Christmas~..has became true

This year's Christmas, Uncle Lip opened house to accomodate us, 'abandoned' students again:)
The uncles and aunties cook so much food for us to celebrate Christmas!
Indeed blessed...Big FAT thanks to ALL!

and the best of all...a bowl of lotus peanut soup to warm the cold winter;D
wat a chinesy Christmas i've got here..

Meet Laura, Uncle Lip's eldest daughter:)
a multi-talented young gurl who loves God..
Students who stayed back over Christmas:)
that's Lunch...THANKs for the abundance love


And i've always said, Christmas is a season to be FATlalalalalallala.....
because, our dinner was another EXOTIC one.
thanks to our dear hall warden, Alex!

Alex, introducing the array of food she prepared all by herself since morning!
So, the menu was:

Greek salad, salmon, turkey, duck, samosa, fried rice, pasta, crackers with cheese, fruits, ice cream cake, pavlova, nut roast, chicken drumstick, stuffings, nachos, italian bread and the list goes on....

She did all this because she pity us, the students who din get to go back home. So she want us to feel at home and celebrate this meaningful season together .
Ooooo..the ChanS busy taking foood:)not to forget, Eugene landed Manchester on Christmas Day itself!
the best Christmas gift for Lily i'm sure:)
us and the FOOD!

our dearest hosts:)
so that's the white Christmas this year..
Been blessed to have so many people celebrating with me even though am far from home..


i know this is out of the topic but i cant withhold this but to say..

me, the DRAMA queen(with my cooly fashionista 3D specs:P) has watched Avatar and thinks..it's FANTASTICO! though the guys din like it, but i personally enjoyed the show from the beginning till the end. eh please. 10 years work, surely goodie good ba!
Back to Christmas...great joy with me when i received so many Christmas cards from all of you, all over the world:) Am so loved, a small gestures as such really made my day..
guess wat, my favourite past time is to check my mailbox to see any surprises coming..muakkak SS-ness i know..sorry la..ignore me please!

I just received a card from 3 KB knights yesterday, Thongkie, ChunYang and Raulito!

To be honest with u, never in my life would think you guys will send me a card! coz i kno u all are so busy with work and studies. and usually where got 'LELAKI' send cards one..usually the gurls will do it..but guess i was wrong...the lovely messages inside were so thoughtful! Plus the 'lovely goat' aiyooo..i couldnt stop laughing laaa...thanks guys, my winter is really warmth up by u all..

God bless you all!

wokay..better get back to some work. Exams coming again:'(

Just started my mind and movement rotation this week. It's an introduction to psychiatry. So yea, wish me luck, hope i will enjoy myself there:)

wasSup Doc:

Dear Lord, help me to be the kind of friend who doesn't run when my friends are in need. Give me the courage to stand by them, the wisdom to know what to say, and the ability to serve them. Amen.

Be a stander :D


jasperseng said...

5 inches thick and class is canceled ? lucky you... haha... in moscow... snow storm or what ever storm it is... if the temperature is above -30 c you still need to get out and go class... haha... i been to class in -25 c haha... snow? knee length haha... i had a great christmas too this year... can see from ur pic that u doing fine there hehe...

CarynBear said...

i also want snow storm. sobs.
and i love avatar too!!! who u watch wit lar? u should've watch wit me.. again! come 2nd round =D

Ang3 said...

>Jasper: coz it never snow like this bad in manchester since 15 years ago..muakkkaka..the peeps sure like dunno how to drive in such condition:P i went to school, but the doctors weren't there..obviously...:)

>Caryn: i watched with troy, eugene, lily, stephanie, aiai and lilian:) it was good right...super like it larrr....:)come 2ns round..muakakkkaka.

jasperseng said...

haha... hmm next time i should go there instead haha... seems like nice weather there... so today still holiday ?

Ang3 said...

>Jasper: today not holiday la weii...supposed to study instead...muakkaka

Huey Shann said...

My class will never get canceled too, no matter how bad the weather is. LOL...

I watched Avatar too, but not the 3D one, coz it broke down when we went! Too bad, we will go and watch again (the 3D one, of course)!! haha :D

Stay warm!

Ang3 said...

>Shann: muakkakak..guess wat, my uni is closed again tmr due to the bad weather:P come on man...i wan go SCHOOL! oh wells... yup, u shud wat avatar in 3D..super syiok:)
you keep warm too k..big fat hug from Angie!!!

Jens said...


Ang3 said...

>Jesn: YESSS brOthaaaa!! very niceY noh....!

Jens said...

haha... i want food!!! nice nice food!!! anyway i like the snow there.. wished got snow here also...=( here very d hot eh...