Saturday, January 16, 2010

Kawan saya yang cool:P

it's gonna be a short post...sorry to all my dear readers out there, Angie is having exams next i've got no time to post up anything interesting yet...will do it ASAP k..please be super patient with me:)

But this morning, as i was chatting with my old old friend, the GGWONG a.k.a ardent reader of my blog..the first question he asked me was..why i didnt update my blog...i think it's not the first time u asking me this dy:P seems, u really visit my blog quite often:P thankies soso much! then when i return from town, i saw a post on my FB wall which says...

"nama kawan baik saya angelene teo. dia suka menangkap gambar mengguna kamera. dia suka membuat kawan-kawan dia berposing cute untuk kamera. dia membuat kawan-kawannya berposing agar dia nampak lawa dan kawan-kawannya nampak lawak. walaupun saya begitu cool, saya berposing untuk dia supaya dia gembira."

WAkakkakakakkakakkaka...i just laughed my head OFF! my day didnt start off good today, seeing things i shudn't hv seen, knowing things i shudn't hv known...but when i read this, all my dissapointment and worries were just swept away. In storms of life, when i look back, i'm actually not alone and need not fear because God has blessed me with friends, though distance apart, i know they're praying for me and wishing me all the best, trying hard to make Angie happy....awww.. heart meltsSss..
kawan kawan saya yang cool sedang POSE nih.. Dalam perpustakaan pula ni..
dia kata dia cool, dia pose macam ini supaya saya nampak lawa, tapi dia nampak lawak!

GWong, u must be super sick of me liao:P but who cares, awak kawan baik saya, jadi perlulah berpose dengan saya:P:P

kawan kawan saya yang suka berpose cute:P
eh, saya tidak menyuruh mereka berpose kan!! semua memang berbakat berpose :)

i really miss u guys larr...come Manchester please..
come pose with me :'(

and BIG thanks to Pei and Mus and Gary! They know i love postcards and so no matter where they go for holiday, they remember Angie! Thanks peeps, Angie is very demanding hor, tetapi mereka kawan baik saya, mereka cuba menggembirakan saya...*happy me*

wasSup doc:
Listening is an open door to understanding.
Thanks friends, for listening and understanding:)
U all are God's sent AnGeLs..


Jens said...

wah lau..

seriously.. berposer... haha.. i'm lost for words...=P

Ang3 said...

>Jens: hah, now u know how SS we were:P do some crazy pose and when u look back years later, u will laugh at wat i did today..muakkakk

Ah Pei said...

wtf man!! lol...there is like a half naked lady in ur postcard wall. confirm mus send wan...lols...:P

all the best in ur exams SS lady. :)

Ang3 said...

>Pei: yesss...If u could see closer, it's actually MUSSY's face u know:P so the hot gal is MUSSY himself:P

G-Wong said...

awww... i'm lost for words... *sniff*