Thursday, January 28, 2010

You'll Never Walk Alone (when Troy Lim's your guide)

Posted by guest blogger: Fellow TEO EUGENE:)

Lilian says I should start this blog post like this, “People say... No. The best way to visit Spain is without expectations. People say Barcelona is famous for their pickpockets. And never has there been a group who has been there and left unscathed. That tale was history, as my group left Spain, without an itch a scratch..”

Anyways, back to me.
*cue Lilian’s irritating nagging on what to write in the background....

5 days, 95 hours, and a couple thousand or so minutes in the sun, sea, splendour (and sangria!) of Barcelona. Sound awesome don’t it? You bet.

Well in truth the trip actually started in scouser-y ol’ Liverpool (nobody calls it ‘the pool’ btw). John Ling, future Infectious Disease consultant extradonaire and Troy’s churchmate, was gracious enough to loan us his living room for the night before we flew off the next morning.

Us at the Beatles Museum

LOVE Penguins!!!

Troy’s walking tour of Liverpool was the order of the day, and it definitely did not disappoint. Mei Mei’s dimsum, penguins, Liverpool 1, deep holes covered by glass, more penguins, Albert Dock, breaking umbrellas, Beatles’ smth smths, sheepbananas and some Elvis looking dude’s statue were the more interesting points of the tour. At this point I would like to make a note that Mei Mei’s dimsum was indeed awesomeness, and in my opinion at least, better than Manc’s. The only thing that Liverpool has thats better than Manc.
?the better dim sum??

Now, let's POSE like that Elvis dude:P

The day ended with a meal at good ol’ McDs while waiting for Ai Ai’s arrival before we headed off to Odeon to catch the omgfreakingconjobutterlyterribleanddisappointing 3D version of Avatar. If anyone reading this hasn’t watched Avatar yet and your nearest cinemas aren’t showing it anymore, you’re one of the lucky few. One or two of us were lucky enough to catch a couple minutes of shuteye that night (the rest of us got constantly awakened by Troy’s never-satiated stomach making mating calls). BROmance it is:)

Eye of Liverpool^_^

And off to Barcelona it was!


Ang3 said...

wasSup Doc: ANGIE loves to watch AVATAR, i totally DISAGREE with wat GenIe said!! btw, many thanks to TROY for the one day trip in Liverpool:)

G-Wong said...

avatar rocks larrr!!

Ang3 said...

>G WOng: YESSSSssSS..that's SOOO TRUE..please tell EUGENE THAT! :P:P