Saturday, January 23, 2010


that's what i kept reminding myself to do each day... a gentle smile is contagious, coz it will make the person u smiled to smile in return:P am i making sense...hope soO..

allrighty, URGENT need to REVIVE my bloG! Wait Prof GG complain again...

supposed to write bout Barcelona trip..initially, i have 2 enthusiastic guest bloggers to write for me but in the end they FFK me.. so i shall write myself..hmmph! TEO EUGENE laaaaa....fellow TEO FFK me! sooOo, my Barca trip will be next post..hopefully k..*fingers crossed, toes crossed, everyting crossed :) *

so wat have i been up to...exams's OVER. Hopefully it goes well though, God please pass me:'(!

In previous post, mentioned bout extreme snow storm in Manchester:) and we had snow fight for the first time in my life! Woohoo......guess the happiest creature would be...EUGENE! No wonder he bullied me KAO!

the happy boy! BULLY PPL KAO laaa! see how HARD he threw the snow ball also kno liao laa..

let's FIGHT! see the greedy me:) Wat a big snow ball i've got..

the other Chan was with us toO:) amazingly cute! but she left us to go back US d:'(do come back again k...we really love n miss u!


oh we were forced to cook our meals few weeks our guest of honour, GENiE cooked smth for us k....sardine chilli oniony:P taste not bad ..dun play play!

Gene n his sardine...thumbs down coz he thinks the dish he prepared cannot fight with GWong's dishes:P too humble dy lar u, GeniE

:) so manay pots hor..that showed our laziness to wash too many plates:P so instead of trasferring to nice plates, we just bring all the pots to our table:P

now u see the food

now you don't

hungry monters were US!


hah, and finally, my latest obsession...BENTO!

am just sick of sandwiches for lunch, so tot of improvising my lunch box and putting in more stuff, but still healthy food:) most importantly, deco with different shapes n colours, making my lunch time more exciting and looking forward to:) indeed lift my mood up abit, esp doing psychiatry posting now..quite depressing at times, when u cant understand why the patients react this way and not getting to understand what they've gone through..the bunnieS bento, just for Lily!:)my bento with LOVE:)


happiest thingS this week::mum's sent parcel finally arrived! now Lian, if u saw this pic, u would understand how come i can pack so well for u the other day..see my mum really utilise every space available, she could even 'menyumbat' some pens in the ring of my books she sent! Indeed, like mum like daughter eii?
Gary's postcard from Florida arrived safely! it's 3D weiiii..super canggih:) i love i love!and i've got a visitor this weekend, Xiao Fen(us at old Trafford)!!!! She came all the way here while doing her attachment in Edinburgh:) So yup, Angie busy being a tour guide this weekend:)


just some sneak shots of us in Liverpool:) the artistic penguins all over Liverpool..and us posing at Albert Dock:) SO funny huh:)and mua...wished to be a snow angel!
no more snow now...after falling 3 times on my bum, i dun wan snow anymore! Plus my batch mate who fractured his ankle after a fall and needed to go through a surgery for it, i am now traumatised with the slipperey road!

wasSup Doc: How wonderful to know that He who watches from above will always keep us sheltered in His ever present love!


Jens said...

wah lau eh!!! i want to go manchester!!! i want to see rooney! haha.. i saw a sarawak handbook der.. where is the 'england handbook of medical emergencies'? lol..

Ang3 said...

>Jens: yea..come come come see Rooney, see Owen, see Gerald..semua u wan see also can! i meant pictures laaa
in UK, semua guna oxford clinical handbook, dun think got england version though:P

*jeSSicA* said...

yea i was going to ask u that too...i mean about the book...coz i saw the interns..err i mean one houseman at the hosp carry that book, i've never heard of it before...

'forced to cook'?? u dun like cooking kah haha

doing psychiatry now u, no wonder the obsession about bento and all...tsk tsk tsk

Jens said...

haha.. lol.. btw.. where is my bento *tsk tsk!=P

Ang3 said...

>Jess: i lurve cooking of coz:) it's a joy! muakakka..and the bento ar..hmm, if i got to see u, i surely make u's easy witsy oni:)

>Jens: same to u..if i get to see u, i surely dun mind making one for u:)

G-Wong said...

your biggest fan sends his greetings from melbourne international airport.

Jens said...

wah.. so nice? hehe.. thanks angie!! i haven't had anything home cooked or home made for quite some time already.. always eating out at sban here..
how was exam? good?

Ang3 said...

>Geof: ALOHA frm Manchester:):):) Are u going back Ade dyyyy?? class starting dy arr??

>Jens: haha..but u hav to wait larr:P exams ar, hopefully ok la..really scared la:( hoping for the best!!!