Tuesday, October 28, 2008

You were there

28th of October..it's already 2 months i landed on this foreign land, Manchester.

Time really flies, it has already been:
2 months away from home, from the familiar faces i grew up with
2 months meeting new friends
2 months freezing in the UK
2 months adapting to the different culture and language
2 months of uncertainties, of doubt, of worries
but in this 2 months, i also see God's plan unfolding, heard Him whispering to me....
"I'm always here..."

Life in Manchester can be as fun as u think it is when u see all the nice pics taken.
I will always give positive response when i was asked about my 2 months stay here...
Life here is good! People here are nice! Food here is awesome! and we can go Europe tour!
but the dark side of it...shall never be revealed.
To me, the joy is only found in my dear small CHURCH
and the place called HOSPITAL.

'You were there' by Avalon.

wasSup doc: It's never easy to stay 6000+ miles away from home, but His presence has assured me that i'll be fine coz He is there throughout my training here.

Hang in there Angie....Aja!



*jeSSicA* said...

heyy apalah i emo then u also emo? *_*

blow u some ♥ dun emo emo dy~

conie said...

wow! time flies !
2 months already!! =)

dont be emo girl!
I am even more emo here ><

Chien said...

opps! sorry that was me ><

jerry said...

u can do it 1..
dun so emo =.=

Ang3 said...

>Jessica: thanks for the LOVE!! blow back:)

>conie: haha..we both dun emo emo kay:) give u a big bear hug!!

>Jerry: thanks larr...guess u were emo when u first started ur studies in oversea, didnt u?

i need help said...

it's been 9 mnths since i left home.

Wannie said...

Angie dear..
dont emo emo kay.. you will be fine... if emo.. you can kacau me kay.. no worries!! Smile and take care there ya.. if emo... blame it on the weather... cos I blame it on the weather... its crappy.. cold... freezing.. and gloomy... and no sun... my sun is the light bulb in my room.. orange colour somemore.. :P ayor.. I so lame oh...

Ang3 said...

>wannie: awww...i like that part when u said i can kacau u..muakakka. i dare not...all Dundians seem too stress:) but thanks lot dear..now i understand y u emo emo when u first arrived Dundee...i am strong:)

G-Wong said...

2 months away from G-Wong and his 'aiyoh, so embaressing laa'...

Ang3 said...

>G-Wong: yea....*sob sob sob* 2 months away from my uni kaki plus the KOTAK TISU MERAH:P

luket said...

Get well soon, angie angie!

go and c a dr. if u r not well yet, ok? XXX