Saturday, October 18, 2008

Visitors from Dundee:)

Yup, the Dundonians came all the way from Scotland to visit us..the Mancunians! They had a week of study break..when they shud b studying..BUT they decided to explore the city of Manchester:) So, Lily, Min and me hosted them for almost a week:) Didnt get to bring them out though, coz we have classes to attend. We're such a bad host yea...but anyway, the Dundonians are a bunch of independent people, and so they explored the city themselves:) After all, Manchester is not THAT BIG...Guess after this one week, they know their way better than us...ESP my dear Wannie...her sense of directions is too good..for a gurl:P Anyway, great having them around:) Our Dundonians friends sure need this break..Studies in Dundee kinda hectic for them, as 4th year students, more expectations! goes the pics:)
Dundonians and Mancunians @ the Wheel of Manchester

busy busy...DIM SUM:)

the HOSTs:)nice trees yea:)

see the tiny us...guess it's a idea!snap snap snap..i feel like a superstar:PFountain of life:)
Pose pose more poses!my Fav pose..shape of a heart!check them out!MANC -Sign Language

SCOT- oh the pressies they bought for us all the way from Scotland..Scottish short bread and Scottish tea and Scottish bir nice of them..

p/s: those coming to visit us next time, bring souvenirs for us!!Mancunians have no chance to go out of Manchester:(

Jia Yu is obsessed with this Magic BLUE bus:)

Most importantly..I finally GOT TO SEE HER! Wannie!!!

sorry didnt really spend much time with you..
They visited my church:)and my room! and not to forget..OLD TRAFFORD!

of all the good food in Manchester..they enjoy the Indian food most...muakakka

Dundonians:: Chun Seng, Vivien, Wannie, Jia Yu

Manchester bid you goodbye:)

we LOVE u!!

wasSup doc: We will visit u all in Dundee next time kay:) Make sure u wait for us!!


denise said...

your pictures look so fun!!!!

i love the ferris-wheel leh! take pic with it but got sit ornot? SO TINGGI

haha so glad you still can find the time to update your blog =p most of the others went into "MIA mode" ady, including me =p but once internal med is over i will update! promise =)

take care angie!

*jeSSicA* said...

i'm waiting for this post for quite some time dy =P

oh i thought u din go to old trafford with them?

ooii why we never take those kind of pics before?!

*jeSSicA* said...

and btw i din know u attend a chinese church there...i've never attend a chinese church before (coz i dunno the translated names/books refer to which in english in the bible)..

Min said...

Ya lo, they kacau us so much (especially that guy- you know the one that starts with C); so definitely have to return the favour when we go visit them. Muakakakakaka!!! I definitely want to stay with C and make his life a living hell. Payback time babe!!!

Ang3 said...

>Denise: i never sit that ferris-wheel yet..muakaka..and u must must update bout ur life in Seremban..take PICS too..ur room..still missing!

>Jessica: which pic u meant dear? i thought we took quite a lot of pics?! and the church i'm attending is an English speaking chinese church. i cant understand Mandarin translation as well:)

>Min: Payback time...muakakkaka. yea..lets go bunk at their place one day:)we shall hav fun then!

*jeSSicA* said...

haha, those pose that made a pattern e.g. heart shape, star shape, whatever shape...

hmmm i think i know why. most of our pics we took by ourselves =/

vi said...

Thanks angie!!!!
Thanks you guys for hosting us :)
muacks!!! love u love u!!!
Take care :)