Sunday, October 26, 2008

another weekend:)

i like:)
which means i can update my blog:)

it has been a tiring week...lectures, ward rounds, theatres, ward work...and there was once we came back at 6pm! and since it's day-light saving 530pm, the sky was already the time we walked home, it's as though 9pm at night! i miss something..that is..the SUN!
Wednesday, was the very first match for netball..oh did i tell u guys that i joined the netball team in my hall? St Gabs!! Just to wanna shed some calories:) Most of the gurls are playing for the very first i felt not so pressured playing with them! Back to our match, WE WERE LITERALLY TRASHED by the Gurls from the pharmacy faculty..we only managed to score 1 goal, and our opponents scored ALL THE WAY!! They're too strong, too tall, too experienced! Compared to us, most of us are new to the game, so we're not familiar with the MANY rules in netball. BUT BUT BUT, we had lots of fun:) we're gonna have a match every Wednesday night till next year, so yea..Angie IS EXERCISING kay:P loving netball to the MAX! Luckily i was taught how to play back in IMU:)
Thursday, had student fellowship at night. We watched a short video clip about rediscovering friendship. Discussing the importance of friendships in our lives. The difficulties we have handling and maintaining those friendships:) and are we willing to journey with our dear friends who are in their toughest time. Scripture discussed was from the book of Acts chapter 9, when Barnabas befriended Saul( Apostle Paul) who persecuted God's people. Are we ready to play the role of Barnabas?? think about it...Come to think about it, Jesus spent His time, eating with the sinners too, and we're encouraged to be Christ-like..
Saturday, netball practise at 11am..we played UNDER THE RAIN..Semangat us..not gonna give up!! not now..Then had dim sum for lunch AGAIN..:) Manchester is well-known for their dim sum anyway:) After that, Kee Fong, Lily and me went for the Sports Day organised by students fellowship. Basically, students from the Mandarin, Cantonese and English congregations came together to play games and get to know each other better:) Played captain ball, badminton, basketball and football...and the STAR of the day was.....KEE FONG!! Gosh, dun DUN look down on his height. This fella can JUMP as though there are springs on his shoes..hidden talent! Dinner for the day...we pampered ourselves with proper Chinese food at Pearl City..though it's kinda pricey, but this is the once in a lifetime reward:)

Sports Day: Lily*Helen*Nicola*Julian*Angie*Joanne #1*Joanne#2We love the letter 'J'

J for Jesus, Julian and JAY CHOU(we're the ardent fans!)!!

Nicola massaging for me after the games:)

steamed egg+seafood:)Roasted duck!!Salad pork fillet
the satisfied faces!!
wasSup Doc: we're now in the day light saving period (6months). So, our clock here have to turn back one hour after 1 midnight today, which means we gain 1 extra hour:) and comparing to Malaysia, we're 8 hours behind now..take note!


Chien said...

You play netball there =)
I miss netball XD

I joined frisbee the first yr I got here and was in the mixed team. so we went again those tall huge hulkie guys =S
Now quit already time... so no more calories burning for me =P

take care!

*jeSSicA* said...

daylight saving just started for u? hmmm...

hey J for me also kay!! =P

Ang3 said...

>chien: i think i can only play in my third year:)hehe...

>Jessica: yea just started today!!extra 1 hour of sleep..muakakka. and yea..J rules!!!