Wednesday, October 08, 2008

the EID celebration

Just a short post about the EID celebration dinner in my hall today:)

Basically it's a celebration for the recent Ramadhan. St Gabs committee will organise celebration dinners for us. Big events like Chinese New Year, Christmas, Diwali and so on.. The dining hall will be decorated and those celebrating the events will have to come up with some performances. Most importantly of all, all residents are to dress up for the event:) It's a proper fine dining with 3 course meal:) cool.... Below are the pics taken:) enjoy!

nice deco huh...proper fine dining!

EID- which means Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri:)

Lily likes the effect of this pic:P BLurrr

Elena..Tutor in my hall..

May* Ly* Angie--Malaysians!!

Shamini, 3rd year law student from Penang!! And she is the president of our JCR committee..Malaysia Boleh!!

Freshers:) Angie*Mayurah(Malaysian)*Shaziyah(Singaporean)

Christina(China), Ming Yu(Malaysian), Iris( Hong Kong), Anna (BBC)

Ming Yu(Malaysian doing 1st year pharmacy), Rain( from Shanghai) and May

and there goes the food...They purposely served us curry and all..but not as nice as those in Rusholme...bleh! Appetizer: Vege vege VEGE!Main Course: Pilau RiceIndian sauces..Chicken curry..not spicy at all!Dessert: Pancake with yogurt filling..taste WEIRD! but the strawberry cover it all:P

Dance performance

Angie and Lily!

the Malaysian traditional Kebaya Kedah and the British style.

looking forward for the next celebration:)


wasSup Doc: It's good to share and celebrate such occasions with other gurls in the hall yea.. Hmm, get to learn more about other races' beliefs:) Glad that i stay here..


joycelaw said...

The food sure looks yummy but am sure the pedas-ness cant beat malaysia's huh. It's so refreshing to read ur blogposts. I love pictures..more more pictures...kekekke. Miss u here lil angelene. U take care there yea:-)

*jeSSicA* said...

i saw ur facebook photos then only read ur blog =)

so cool ur hall actually have celebration dinner for festivals! for raya here, my friends and i went to friends' open MALAYSIAN food...wahaha~

seldom see u wear orange. hehe

Anonymous said...

ange looking so chic in baju kurung kedah!

ur face rounder d nuh ;P

Ang3 said...

>joycelaw: no doubt, Malaysia's fight! the curry here..CANNOT MAKE IT lar..muakakak. miss u loads joyce! take care too

>Jessica: yea, seldom wear orange:P

>anonymous:hmmm, who is this nih?! but i have no comment about my face being rounder coz it's a FACT! i'm wating way too much...haha. not that the food is uber nice, just that if i dun eat, my stomach will make noise and it's so embarrasing! It has happened more than once!!! memalukan...

yhknigel said...

Wow cool EID lols...
Haha your life in Manchester looks so fun!!!