Thursday, November 06, 2008

a little s.i.c.k

sorry for this delay post up..mummy~~~ here we go..some short update..
Had our Diwali formal dinner in the hall last Friday....Indian food of coz...:) our Fav
Was really tired that day after the hospital work and classes, so i didnt dress up at all, just wore my formal shirts there to have my dinner:P Laziness.....but the ang mohs really semangat lor, most of them wore Sari...NiCEeee..DENISE TAN SUYIN!! our plan of getting a sari didnt succeed after 2.5 years in IMU:(

our very own warden and tutors dressing up in sari:)

Lay Pin*Denise*Lily*Angie with a swollen eye:P

not putting up pics of food this time..everybody is complaining about so much food in my blog:( but i must mention the sweets(dessert) wahhh.......super diabetic SWEET!! eating sugar literally:P

Saturday was a cleaning spree for my church building. MCCC bought over an old building in the city of Manchester. Since it was abandoned for ages, some serious clean up need to be
done...Had a whale of time painting the building..Just dunno why all of us were so excited when we knew we are going to paint..Jakun-ness i supposed. Very Fun...but not the part when my crocs stepped on the paint:P heart pain!!! But thank God, the paint is water based and could be washed right away, just a bit of stain seen though..phew!
Joanne!!! my cell group leader...excited about painting too!!
the mess....:P
Painting...straightening of cleaning..happy working:)
Pastor Kim and Angie..Painting!!
Lily and Cheah..busy busy huh..
Didnt' stay till the end though...had a mission:) i.e to fetch Caryn from Belfast!!!
After 1 and half hours of bus ride to airport...we met this beautiful tall lady:) CARYN!!!
Her fav dish was this..Bibimbab..Korean fried rice with chicken!! See all of them busy grabbing their food..Awesome!!
And throughout her stay in my room...we took TONNES of pics! SS-ness..
Kev..We made good use of your Sony camera kay:)
the SONY moment:)
Caryn modelling her new muffle from Cheshire Oak:)

snap 1snap 2the irresistible cheap and nice biscuitwe welcome you dear:)Glad having you around dear..sorry didnt get to bring you around Manchester..must come again kay..or..i fly over to see u in Belfast larr..wait for me:)

kay kay..enuff of fun... studies wise....EXCELLENT!

Lily and I signed up to see post mortem! Quite daring of us.. It was my first time though, never seen any post mortem done throughout 2.5 years in IMU, as for Lily, she has seen once, so think it's quite okay for her.. Anyway, cut the long story short, we scrubbed ourselves into the mortuary, 2 bodies had been laid on the surgery table. A male and female. oh wait, according to the dr, post mortem means..Thorough studies of the body..:P coz cant find the cause of death basically!

Got ourselves ready with mask and gloves..the whole room was only Lily and me, 2 other nursing students, 2 assistants and 2 doctors and with tonnes of bodies in the fridge..Chill~~

Firstly, the doctor cut the body at the mid line. Right from the sternal angle to the suprapubic.we could see the layers of fats underneath the thin skin, then they tore the skin, thorax seen and by using the sawing machine, he cut the thorax off to remove all the internal organs! With lots of strength, all the organs are pulled out. The doctors then weighed each and every organs, slowly cut them into pieces and tried to locate the cause of death. Lucky for us cause not many students were there, so we basically have 1 to 4 ratio learning, which was really good. He explained one by one wat he could see from the organs and showed us. We could even touch the organs! the part that terrified me a little was when they saw open the skull, after peeling off the skin on the head...and removed the brains..AND THE BASE OF THE SKULL WAS EXACTLY THE SAME AS THE MODEL WE SAW IN MMS(IMU)..3 cheers for IMU...after all, post mortem was not as scary as u think it can be...but the smell is awful!! After that session, i almost vomited! Gosh, must trained up my stamina for this kinda smell..

in conclusion: The male patient died of peritonitis due to a perforation in the small intestine, whereas the female patient died of atheroma, and coincidental finding: she had a kidney tumor at the upper pole of her right kidney and SUPER enlarged liver, with greasy consistency!

educational session indeed:)

Weather getting colder each day... dropping to zero Celsius according to BBC weather forecast.

And after my booster jap for MMR 2 days ago...i'm now S.I.C.K!!! Shivering, cold, sore throat occasional fever and 'sexy voice' now. According to my GP, usually ppl wont have these symptoms, i am just the unlucky one. But he said i'll be fine soon, just dun worry!

so...I'm not worry:P i even played netball just now, had a bit of palpitations and breathlessness..but Angie is still Fit!!..the match was so CLOSEeeee 11-12. We lost by 1 goal..Argh..stress!! We're improving!! 3 Cheers for the Gabs Gurls!! Woohoo..

wasSup Doc: The problems that we face each day can seem too much to bear, until we turn our eyes to Christ and trust His Tender Loving Care:)


*jeSSicA* said...

havent heard from u in like ages >.<

haha snap 2 so classic!

were the bodies u saw like cadavers? and the formalin smell...

take care angelene, keep urself warm k, and get well soon! =)

Ealing said...

Angelenee! (: Where's your tag board? It's like missssssing or something.

Eh your uni seems so fun! All the dress up and stuff! Though I think you did look pretty tired though. haha And post mortem was pretty interesting. Kind of scared about it though but must be a pretty interesting experience. :D

Ang3 said...

>Jessica: the bodies i saw were FRESH bodies, they died just few days back and still can see fresh blood in their bodies...i WILL get well soon:)

>ealing: tag board? is it the shout out box u meant?? IT IS THERE!! the dress up thingy is my hall's event..but uni was not bad too:) u alright in sem 3??

Jens said...

wah.. see dead bodies leh.. can get to see post mortem as well..

the oni time i get to see what's inside is when assist do surgery for proctocolectomy.. that's my only time i see what's inside the body... the storys sounds so kewl!!=P

ok la.. get well sooon k? ehehe.. here very d stress la... and suffering here... no time for other stuff also.. haih.. basically have to keep studying oh... u leh? how's life? drink ber banyak banyak air ok?

One Perfect Rose said...

eeewww...reading thru the way u described how the post mortem was being carried has filled me with digust, just can't imagine how would i be if i were there in the room. but ange, well done! i'm so glad to see my loved one is stepping her way towards the day of being a successful doctor! rmb how frightened were u when u were asked to bandage jeje's hand? yes girl, u've made it! *tight hug with extremely pleased smile on my face!* btw, ur snap 1 picture is my current desktop background, love it! =) take care girl, get well soon!

Ang3 said...

>Jens: Hey u..dun so stress larr..but think seremban training is like prison huh..keep on studying ony:( poor to take care of urself too bro!

>one perfect rose: dear, u could still rmb my jeje's incidence huh, come to think about it, it's so farny and timid(me:P) dramatic change huh...proud proud:) and...why u put snap 1 as ur backgroud pic? u shud put urself's just some random SS moement of me with my friend. Wait next time i can take one like that with u too..muakakkaka! u take care too dearie:) i'm getting better dy..muah!