Monday, October 20, 2008

Weekends with my siblings:)

Now proudly present to you my dearest siblings in the home of Manchester:)
We are the Chanloowongteo brother and sisters!

Stephanie- our Da Jie(big sis)

Kee Fong- Da Ge(Big Bro)

Angelene- Er Jie(2nd Sis)

Lily- Xiao Mei(small sis)

So, for the very first time this week, we all had dinner together over the weekends, 2 days consecutively:) I was overwhelmed with the family homey feeling:):) Love eating together as one big family.

::Saturday night::

Angie the Chef!!Woohoo..who said i cant cook...come on..It's a new beginning!

The dish cleaners: Lily n Steph..The BIG eater and contribute nth...our BIG BOSS..

nola, he helped to wash pots and pans:)

and our meals are....

paiseh paiseh...just a simple meal for simple people like us:)Lettuce:) Vege vege vege..Egg+Onions+Minced chicken+Mushroomand our main dish: black pepper chickenmild curry Nasi briyani..dessert: double choc cakeand when apple crumble meets Caramel ice cream

Purfecto dessert!!!Within minutes..we sapu everything clean!

and we only have to pay 2.20 pounds each for this meal!

summary: It's really cheap to eat in! had lots of fun..but ALOT of work need to b done..

::Sunday night::

da jie, er jie, da ge, xiao mei decided to eat out...Pizza!

we ordered 3 of this size pizza:)

Da jie + Er Jie :)

xiao mei + da ge:)

the family portrait:)

the happy family..and our surname is chanloowongteo!

wasSup Doc: i love you, you love me, we are happy family:)

It's not easy to find such good companions:) Thank you my dearest jie jie n koko n mei mei for making my stay in Manchester...wonderful*_*


Ly said...

Lovin my manchester family! xoxo

*jeSSicA* said...

awww so sweet =)

okay fine angelene can cook! =P haha nah i just wanna tease u. wahaha.

cant wait to eat your home cooked food!

Ang3 said...

>ly: yup...our manchester family RULES! xoxo

>Jessica: i think u cook for me better dearie..i cant cook well..i'm just learning..try an error skill:P

*jeSSicA* said...

i'm still learning too la wei...hehe

okay u cook lunch i cook dinner, deal? =P or u can choose to prepare breakfast wahaha

Anonymous said...

3 DESSERTS for a meal???!!

ange ANGE....


Ang3 said...

>Jessica: yea..i would love to prepare breakfast..:) EASY witsy..!

>anonymous: thanks to our dear Stephanie who belanja us with those dessert..muakakakk..

Jens said...

wah... food galore...

*screams out loud* i want to makan besar besar!!! i am hunger...=P

Ang3 said...

>Jens: eh eat besar besar in seremban larr...dun torture urself..muakakak