Monday, October 02, 2006

Michael's(Guang Liang) Commitment 2006

No doubt, i have been planning to go this concert since 2 months ago...i tried to call to MyFm to get free tockets, took part in every competition to win tickets to this very first Guang Liang's concert in Malaysia. But all my effort was in vain, luck was not at my side. I'm sure u all muz be wondering why didn't i buy tickets and go. Haih, all because of the Pathology, Microbiology and Immunology summative which is just around the corner...i gave up my hope on this concert as i really need to pull up my socks and study!!!

Haha, but my plan of studying on Sat night turn out to be in Putra Stadium, listening to Guang Liang's Songs!!!!How can it be?? Here it goes....

My brother and me went Endah Parade to have our dinner, as we were window shopping in a camera shop my phone suddenly rang!!!It's Sue Ann...

1st Call
SA: Hey Angelene, where are u?
Me: I'm in Endah Parade with my bro, where are u? Not in the concert meh?
(SA manage to get VIP tickets at a dirt cheap price)
SA: I got two extra tickets here. Wanna come or not?
Me: Har? But I'm in now in Endah Parade...How much is it?
SA: Max RM 100 only each...Come la, u're the nearest d..
Me: Don't think can go la, by the time i go, will be late d. The place there super jam.
SA: ok la..

2nd Call
SA:Hey, free tickets want or not?
Me:Wat?....Bro, wanna go or not?
Bro:Dun wan la, we're wearing t- shirt and shorts + slippers!!!How to go...?
Me:Sue Ann, dun think can go la....thanks yea(Altho my little brain shouting 'Let's go')
SA: Really dun wanna come? we can send u back. If u dun come, the tickets will be burned anyway. Come la!
Me: Nola, u go ahead. Enjoy yourself..Faster go in, it's late d!(the concert starting at 8pm)

After much discussion with my brother, we decided--->Let's GO!!
Yay, no matter how we wear, no matter how late we are, it's time to meet GUANG LIANG!!!!

3rd Call
Me: Sue Ann, I'm coming!!! I'll call you when i reach there!!
SA: Ok ok....Will meet u outside the VIP entrance!

My bro drove swiftly from EP to the stadium....Thank God, we managed to find a parking. We ran like lightning to the stadium and saw SA there! Huh huh, both of us were panting but excitedly, we walked to our seats. On my very first step into the Stadium, GL just appeared on the stage wearing a white angelic suit!! Gosh, we made it ON TIME!!!

The marvellous stage
The songs he sang in the whole concert were mainly composed by he himself. The whole stadium was enveloped with his sweet and comforting voice. It's just like being put in a music box ......LoVeLy!When GL was singing Tong Hua and Yue Ding, i called DENISE who is also an ardent fan of GL!!!(we actually planned to go together n stand outside the stadium but the coming summative stop us) She was surprised and i supposed she was drowning in her apartment listening to his voice.(These are the ONLY 2 songs Denise knows.....hehe :)

Overall, it was a great concert with magnificient lightings! Though it was a bit rush on our way there, i can never imagine i actually have the chance to keep the 'commitment'! It's all by God's grace. Indeed, God knows what you desire most and He'll fulfill it if possible. Have faith People......
Thank you Sue Ann!!!

wasSup Doc : Do not presume what wil happen the next second for you never know God's plan will be more powerful and beyond your expectations.


大姐 said...

oh my goodness!!
Kekko went to the concert too!!??
So hows ur pathology microbiology??
U r not studying guang liangLOGY, my noble & learnt Sister=P
Definitely way beyond my madness.
haha, sue ann sucha sweetheart, har:)

*jeSSicA* said...

wow wow wow!!! go to guang liang's concert yer...i want to go la..
no wonder u kept saying bacteria and viruses name are killing u! rupa rupanya this gal go to see concert instead of studying..hahaha =P

Ang3 said...

Yuppie, koko went with me and he was actually singing with me as well!!!Muahaha
Guang LiangLOGY was way beyond my expectations!Really good, but i think if i go with u will be much better coz we'can shout together like we did previously!!!HAHA

this concert is NOT planned earlier!I really was planning to study that very night...but,it turned out the other way round. All i could say is that God's plan is great!!!Yay...

huang said...

it's FaTe. agree wit me!
Jeje is goin 2 kill me wit tat. hehe.

shaz said...

Amen, sis.. :)

..It's all by God's grace. Indeed, God knows what you desire most and He'll fulfill it if possible..

not "if possible"..!
God can even do the impossible because with Him all things are possible!