Thursday, September 28, 2006

We won...

IMU Cup has come to the finale, it was a bash, filled with victory and glory...
Cheer leaders were shouting at their top of their voices and gave their best in the final event!!!Wow, to all the cheer leaders! Not to forget the die hard 'Fans" for each semester...Especially Sem 2=we were shouting out from our LUNGS!!!Supporting you all till the very end!

M1/06 ended up 3rd, which was marvellous!!! i think we never expected that coz this is just our very first time participating in IMU Cup...Haha! Well done cheer leaders, really appreciate your hard work. *Salute them* They have sacrificed ALOT, besides continuous practice from 2.30pm till 12.00am, they threw tonnes of lecture notes behind(btw, we're having our exam in 2 weeks time), and put in their hearts and souls for the cheers!!! Tempers were flung in between, but i believe the victory has bring all of us together closer...United we stand, M1/06!!
In the end, Semester 5 won IMU Cup 2006!! Congratulations!!!!

p/s to all Kelantanese...

I'm PROUD to present you some fantastic awards won by our dear fellow mates from Kelantan in IMU Cup!!Yay......We're not ULU. Kelantan do born talented people!!!Hahahahaha....

1)Brian Chong(Sem 4)
-the DOTA KING!!! (Dota is one of the event in IMU Cup)
-Never look down on him, he can really conquer the DOTA World!!!

2)Chua Chia Hong(Pharmacy)
-represented pharmacy in cheer leading in which they got CHAMPION
-he is one of the 5 guys in the team. He can really dance!
-Way to go man....He was my classmate for 10 yrs!!!!*Proud proud*

3)Hooi Hooi(Sem 1)
-won a few events in track n field i think......but Bravo Bravo too!!
-saw her jumping with joy on the stage,Hhmm,muz be enjoying life in IMU!

wasSup Doc : There are no grains without pains......agree with me???

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