Sunday, October 15, 2006

Be grateful!

Visited Sungai Buloh Orang Asli village with church members this morning. It was not my first visit there, so i was kind of prepared to explore the place again. The place was far away from the hustle and bustle city. NO electricity, NO proper water supply, NO nice clothings, NO TV, NO stove, NO concrite houses, NO bed, deprived from government's help and yadda yadda. They are poor, backwards and dun take any health care practices to protect themselves from diseases. The river is their bathroom, the jungle is their playground, and the animals are their best friends.

This time around, we brought some city children(AWANA kids club children) to visit the place. They sang praises together with the orang asli children, performed a drama based on the book of Joshua and did a puppet show about the Wordless Book. We even taught them Alphabets and numbers. It was indeed an eye opener for the children from the city because they wont experience such a difficult life back in their homes. They learned to treasure what they have. No doubt, orang asli lead a very simple life without high expectations or craving for things. All they want is just food that can free them from starvation. However, we should not discriminate them, they are also God's sons and daughters.......

wasSup Doc : Appreciate what you have for you never know there are people who is less fortunate than we are at a corner of the world.....

p/s: those who want to donate their old clothes, slippers, cutlery(fork and spoon, pots and pans)
PLEASE PLEASE contact me....THEY NEED THEM!!!Thanks..*_*


大姐 said...

y dun have my picsssss...??
Yun ho was admitted into the hospital was poisoned, so kesiannn, so sad-___-
Any news?

Sarah said... have the pics already! Alex gave me a CD but it turned out that there were no pics inside so I'll have to wait..Can't wait to see the monkey pic!! Yeah, it was such a meaningful trip. Really opened my eyes. blog is