Monday, October 30, 2006

Back to square 1....

1 week of holidays indeed was a blessing to me. I managed to spent quality time with my family in Seremban, eat all the food i want there and becoming a fat fat piggie...*Who cares, i love FOOD*, i also manage to watch all the Love Letters i missed previously due to the overload work in Uni.
Haih, sad to say i was super slack during my holidays, it was supposed to be a productive week to do my revision on Parasites n Neoplasia but i'm just not in the mood to study..Just wanna let my hair down after two hectic months of studying n memorising! Med school has no life lar...If i feel like relaxing for just an hour, that very night i'll feel very guilty for wasting time like that because my parents are paying my fees with their hearts and souls, how can i let them down? No way!!!I dun want to waste their hard earned $$$.
~Naboobians who joke with me EVERYDAY~
~The Batch that keeps my life going--M106~
~People of CF that cherish my uni life~
Uni has started today and life is back to square one......Nothing special nothing interesting! MUNDANE lifestyle->Li Shan is right after all, studying here is boring! but luckily the people here have spice up my life with joy and laughter. A single 'hi' or a smile is more than enough to make me happy and satisfied.No doubt, friends are the ones that make our lives more colourful....Really appreciate the people around me...You know who you are friends! May God bless you guys abundantly~!
wasSup Doc : A friend in need is a friend indeed...

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