Thursday, October 12, 2006

I'm Strong and Healthy

I received a call from my mum today and she told me bout my MRI result which i took during my previous holidays.
Good News!!!The images showed my backbones remain at the same position. This mean i don't have to undergo any surgery that will cost me two months break from Uni. Lucky for me. Hard to imagine the days without lectures, no fooling around with friends and so on...But the bad news is there are some degeneration signs on my bones, which may be the main cause for my numbness to my feet lately....So, there are still some restrictions in my daily life..

1)NO carrying heavy stuff(to be honest,my little bro has been carrying my school bag to class since i was Form 1...thanks Didi)
2)NO strenous exercise(Dr. said i cant even do skipping,how can??--ignore.HAHA)
3)NO standing or sitting for a long period of time(so ppl dun feel weird if i wander around library ya)

In short i'm super strong and healthy now, dont worry!

wasSup doc: Fear not for I'm under the canopy of His LOVE.


*jeSSicA* said...

3rd point:NO standing or sitting for long time..
haha i recall the time in form 3 when u were sitting behind me...u kept kicking my chair!cant sit still eh? =P
oh,no skipping?such a pity!yet u want to ignore the doc?aiyo...future doc teo dun want to listen to her doc,then how are ppl going to listen to u next time??
hahah juz joking la dear..
miss ya!

pei said...

take care girl!! take life easy...irony of life eh...u so active but can't do active stuff...i so healthy but so

Jens said...

take care angelene.. hope u recover soon lar... yeap.. can't agree more with pei... so vice versa.. ahaha...
so pei, just get ur asses out from the dota chair and do some walk walk...=P

Anonymous said...

Angelene!! take care!! hmph! dont want to let you skip skip here and there d.. and dont want to let you sit long long in the library.. and dont want to let you carry heavy heavy stuff.. must take care... never mind.. i make sure you take care.. heheheh.. see you around in uni!!

Ang3 said...

Take you very much hwei wan...i really wan u to take care of me n talk to me MORE..haha!C ya eound darling!

shaz said...

EI!! don't u dare ignore restriction number2 ok.. everyone'll be dead worried.
and Gary is such a sweet la. i've been witnessing him carrying ur stuff for you too..
and u are even sweeter la.. i remember u always rub off everything u conteng in ur books to "keep it clean" cos "didi still wanna use".. so loving. >_<
ahaha =)

Ang3 said...

oh dear shaz....u actually witnessed everything i did in school har..u're such an observant loving girl...hehe

Denise said...

i WILL NOT let you go against the doctors orders! you try and break one and see? i will forever haunt you, follow you and the moment i see you skip. THATS IT!!

must take care lar dear.
we find a better way to exercise and loose weght k? =P

Jeremy Gerard Nunis said...

Everybody hold her down!!

*Prepares rope*
*Loads tranquilizer gun*

But seriously.. I'm not trying to nag but (i will) I'm sure U know wat u shd do & wat u shdn't.

Juz keep urself in one piece :)

crz said...

do take loads of care yea..

Anonymous said...

how sweeeeet...
take well care gurl @_@*