Tuesday, October 10, 2006

I'm FREE!!!

The two horrible weeks of combating Microbes, Immuno and Patho has finally ended yesterday.....The war is over.I'm so happy to say: I'm FREE!!!Free from camping in library, free from burning late night oil and the most important thing is free from singing songs of viruses and bacteria!Yay!!

As a celebration of this freedom, Pei + G Wong + Shan + Denise + Me decided to do smth different(we usually go for a movie after each exam) but this time, we decided to visit Bazaar Ramadan in Bangsar since the Raya is just around the corner. The size of the bazaar was not really big, compared to the one i had in Kelantan. However, the stalls there never let us down, the fellow Malays spread out once a year delicacies for the world to feast on. The main attractions are the various and an array of srumptious food starting from colourful kuihs , murtabak, nasi beriani and ayam percik! We were so tempted to buy all of them because the price was cheap! So if your mouth waters at the thought of all the best Malay food put together under one umbrealla, do head down to Bangsar Village bazaar and have a try!


We Need Eno!!!(Too FulL)

After that we went Pei's house to have our feast. The feeling after summative was great. No pressure, no worries.....so nice n relaxing! Then we came out with an idea of celebrating the belated lantern festivals we have missed. We bought candles and lanterns at the very last minute. We decorated our territory(Playground in front of Pei's house) with candles. The whole place was enveloped with RoMANTIC candles light.....Thanks to our sensational mr G Wong who came up with the brilliant idea and the sponsorship for the candles.Besides, we carried our lanterns and walked around the park, oh we play with fire crackers which we bought in bazaar.In short, it was a wonderful celebration!Too bad for Xan, Jen and Hwei Wan, u all have just missed a great art work, dun become green monsters now..hehe! *will attach pics asap for u all to see our masterpiece*

Our Masterpiece
-The Designers-

wasSup doc : As free as a bird i was yesterday, but the reality is cruel. I'm back to my bloody cold cage today. Microbes has just left me yesterday, I met Pharmaco today..Hehe!Interesting har....


Jens said...
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Jens said...

actually wanted to follow u ppl wan.. but then i din watch movie so long redi leh... ehehe...
and worst was that i thought u all cancelled the plan cuz when i driving to pyramid, it poured like nobody's business... ahaha.. guess i was wrong...
okok... green monster? what's that? i not so fast jealous wan... cuz i also enjoyed my movie!!!

p/s: jay's album is 55 bucks leh... it's worth like nearly 5 days of my pocket money!!=P

pp/s: i typed wanted to preview before i post then mana tau terclick wrongly.. ish...

Anonymous said...

*sob* *sob* i was not there.. geramnya.. ish.. never mind.. there will be next year.. dont forget me then ya.. ehehehe.. sigh.. so jealous!! kay.. better put pics up.. so that i can at least share some happiness looking at you all smilling and making funny faces!!!

大姐 said...

NO photos?!!!

Hey Aun got 白色巨塔 starring Jerry yan! Go get frm her n save it in ur lappie or burn it in2 DVD. All the imation DVDs r in ur room, on the pink iKea cupboard, GO CHECK!
hey dun get me wrong. I din ask u 2 watch, save it 4me- i'm coming back on x'mas!
BUT do watch Grey's anatomy(aun hv 'em too), so farny! & educational, hmm in some ways;P
Anyway, if u r free, pls on9 more, m so bored!!!
Have fun~

Ang3 said...

Sis, 8tv is showing the jerry yan series now..not bad eh.Will get from Aun later la....take care ya.
oh i go online every night but didn't c u,where are u????

shaz said...

WOW!! u sud feel guilty for making me feel unnecessarily hungry. :P
nice pics wei!