Thursday, August 03, 2006

a TOUCH of Heaven!

*Doulos Motto-Knowledge, Hope and Help*
I'm back mates!Two weeks volunteering in MV Doulos was just like living in heaven!450 crew members from 43 different nation are united and work together for 1 purpose,that is to serve the Lord our God! Sailing from country to country, Doulos seeks to bring knowledge, help and hope to the people around the world, through her floating book fair and cultural programs.The crew members are very very friendly,they are so willing to help and talked to you.

*UNIFORMS:green(Catering), Maroon(Book Ex.), Red(Accomodation)*

You all muz be wondering which department i finally being arranged to-->Book exhibition!
For your short info,there are overall 3 departments,ie.
1)Accomodation:doing laundry,cleaning toilets,scrub the floor,etc.
2)Catering:prepare meals,cut vegetables for hundreds,wash the dishes,clean the dining room.. 3Bbook exhibition:keep the book store tidy,welcome customers,printing Doulos bags,
arrange books..(seems easy but very tiring)

Every morning we have to wake up at 6.30am and leave the place we stayed at 7.30am. We had trainings and worship session.We learned drama,mime,ways to share testimony and puppets.It was a great fun!After that,all of us chaged into our own department uniform and off we go to work.Working in the book shop was not as easy as ABC, You have to be prepared to answer customers' questions, put the books back if the customers misplaced them and welcome customers at the gangway with a big smile eventhough you're exhausted...(esp during weekends,it was a mess in the book store and the queue to the ship was amazing!People can wait for 2 hours just to get into the ship,God is really at work)But everything is worth doing for we know we're doing for the glory of God!We usually go back to our accomodation at 10pm. Most of us are dog-tired but we still feel happy for we have done a great job!Cheers!!

*Queue up to get food*

Lunch time is from 11.45am to 1pm whereas dinner time is from 5.45pm to 6.30pm. Most of the food prepared are western food. We had bread,cheese and fresh vegetables(carrot,timun,tomato,salad,capsicum) for lunch. For dinner,we had pizza,roti canai,steak,steamed chicken and sometimes rice...*_*overall was good although sometimes we really miss Malaysia typical food!Kinda hard to survive for the first few days!

Within this two weeks,we had an off day(we don't have to work) and an E day(evangelism day in which u go out to do ministry).For my E day,we did Prayer walk.The group walked around Port Klang and prayed for Malaysia!It was a new experience as i never did this before.Then in the afternoon we did a programme for 150 refuge kids in the ship.It turned out to be good because we didn't have much time to prepare!Although i didn't get to go out for churce visits like others,i enjoyed my E day!
*My E Team*

Phase 2 Volunteers ROCKS man!Most of them are like my age and we mix well.We joke,work and play together.The rapport we built was strong!All of us are like brothers and sisters.On the last day,we had a farewell party for the volunteers .It was a great success.We led worship, we dance and we did mime.All of us gave our best to the Lord and it turned out to be fantastic.Before we leave,we took greeat shots,wrote down contacts and felt really sad to leave the team cause we have bonded well.Some even wept,gave each other a big hug.Two weeks on board seems to be very short. We were so reluctant to leave but we can do nothing but to walk on and face the reality of life.That's why i said earlier, my life onboard was as though staying in heaven!
*Phase II Volunteers*

This DEEP(vonlunteers) programme was an eye opener for me.It has given me a wonderful opportunity to serve the Lord in another way. Serving on the ship was great, it enables me to meet new people and teach me to be a servant. IF it is God's will, i'm sure all of the volunteers will be so ready to stay there and bring hope,knowledge and help the the world.....

watsSup Doc: "The Son of God did not come to be served, but to serve, and give His life a ransom for many"-Matthew 10:28


mich said...

hey babe! :p
guess who? this is michelle..hong :p
the one who came with audrey and kindly rescued you from lonely waiting hehehehehe..*hugs* i miss the gang as well! send me pics!i wanna see! esp the ones we took with the wheelchairs!

*jeSSicA* said...

wow....glad to know that u enjoy it dear!! hehe....
hope to see ya soon this coming school holidays ya~