Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Fun! Great! Joy!

As i was on my way out to meet my friends this morning, my dad approached me and told me bout the visit to Down Syndrome Centre Kota Bharu organised by the Lions Club.So i decided to change my mind and visit the centre instead!I have never been there, so it's a golden opportunity for me to go and have a look.Especially since i'm doing medicine,it's a good exposure for me as well!
The centre is not big.It only accomodates around 30 kids.All parents have to accompany their children there in order to learn the right ways to deal with these special children.As they grow older, they will be sent to normal schools to continue their studies.However,they have to put in extra effort compared to the normal kids...*:(* When all the Lions and Youth exchangees have arrived, the teachers arranged them in a circle and they started to sing songs with actions.It's so sweet of them to perform that for us!After that,i managed to play with some of them...I deeply think that "we should be contented with what we have and how we are because there are a lot of unfortunate people like them....

*Bowling Mates*
Right after the visit,i joined my friends in KB mall. The newly open Pacific Bowl there has attracted a lot of people.We had a whale of time playing bowling.Although it's not my 1st time, i played lousyly!How come?What a shame of me man,all of my friends are so pro in this d..Argh,stress!hehe...Anyway,i really enjoy it although i end up 2nd last....*Too bad...i need more practice,i think* Cheers to Shean Wei who got a few Strike in 1 game!Way to go man!!

*Shann + Fong + Angelene*

wasSup Doc : Friendship is the golden thread that ties the hearts of all the world. --John Evelyn

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