Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Off i Go!!

Time really flies...After 1 week of dull holiday in Vista,the long awaited day has finally come.
Hmmm...2 weeks port volunteer in MV Doulos should be fun and interesting.It is a once in a lifetime experience,of cause i need to learn as much as i can and meet people of all walks of life within this 2 weeks time!

I'm embarking this afternoon,so my dear mates:Please wish me luck..I have no idea what to expect from this trip.Will I be washing the toilets everyday?Will I be cooking in the kitchen for the crews?Will I be arranged to go out and talked bout the gospel?Questions keep popping out but the only thing i can do now is just wait for the time table and pray hard!

Ok for now,i'm embarking to another level of my life!So,you all won't be seeing me for 2 weeks.I'll report each and every detail once I return from my "Journey to the West"..haha!
Bon voyage!!!

P/s:Do make an effort to visit MV DOULOS because according to my interviewer,Doulos is unlikely to visit Port Klang again....*sob sob*

watsSup Doc : People may make plans in their mind but only the Lord can make them come true


kajen said...

hey angeline....good to c u have joined the league of extraordianry..bloggers.....i have linked u d....keep up the good work

crz said...

may god continue 2 cause His face 2 shine upon u. shine 4 God gurl =)