Thursday, August 17, 2006

::Pain Vs Happy::

I did my MRI(Magnetic Resonance Imaging) this morning!Oh,it's a terrible experience!Before the process,i have to take 16 tablets of steroid which were so bitter!!Then i have to fast for 6 hours,NO Water and Food!!Argh....Anyway,this is NOT the worst part.The worst part is the nurse has to set a 3+ cm needle into my vein..This is SUPER SUPER painful.And the nurse attended to me was unsure about how to set the thing and what liquid should be injected!I was terrified..What if the liquid was wrong?What if he didn't set it nicely into my vein?This will cause me to suffer more cause he would have to remove the needle and set it in AGAIN!Gosh,luckily he asked a lady before he did it.Finally, he injected HEPARIN which is to prevent the clotting of my blood..haha,medical mates heparin sounds familiar right??BUT this is not the end,i was asked to wait for bout 1 hour before i can actually do it.Government service is really unreliable!My appointment was 10am and i can only do it at 11am!The tunnel of MRI was not as bad as what the Doctor has told me earlier.I was moved into the cold tunnel.The nurse gave me a buzzer in case i cannot stand the covered tunnel.And i was given a pair of ear phone to wear because of the loud noise when the test took place.But i just ZZzzz in there because i was too exhausted!Haha...hardly feel anything inside the chilling 'coffin'!The whole process took about 1 hour...After that i found out that the setting on my hand was set for EMERGENCY use only???!!What...Emergency?Don't ask,i also dun know what emergency is that!Ouch,my hand is still aching!! It's a horrific morning!!

*This is how the 'coffin' looks like ^_^*

*Argh,the miserable setting...*



However, i had a whale of time with my buddies(From left::Kimmie,Shannie,Angie,Annie,Ying,Synnie) at the beautiful beach in Kelantan that very afternoon!It is a heavenly place...I told you, my ji muis surely pay a visit to this beach everytime we come back to our paradise hometown!We took lots of pictures at the sea side and strolled along the crystal clear water!We had never meet up for quite some time ady because all of us are studying in different places and it's hard to meet all together.We treasure the time we have as Shannie is leaving us so so soon...Then we went to have out favourite coconut water and ate some fried fish balls and keropok!Oh,how i wish i can have such a relaxing time always!I really have to enjoy my holidays to the max as i know once my 2nd semester starts,i won't have time to chill d!

*Somewhere over the rainbow*

*It's a bird,It's a helicopter,It's a kite.......Noise!**Shortie---->Tall*

*Credits to Shean Wei,Our photographer*

*My lovely Ji Muis,Love u all much....MUACKS*

WasSup Doc : I count myself in nothing else so happy as in a soul remembering my good friends. -William Shakespeare


*jeSSicA* said...

yo gal wat did u do that MRI for??

Ang3 said...

It's for my back(slip disk)

xandra said...

hey girl.. hope its all good.. will be keeping you in prayer :D well, at least now you can pre-warn you patients on how the procedure will feel..

Paul said...

slip disk?? how did that happen??

misssuyin said...

Angie dear, didnt tell us earlier before you were going for the procedure? I remember you told us before the holidays, just didnt know exaclty when you were going.

Really hope your feeling better now.Take good care and must must must be brave and strong ok?
I know you are!

*many many big hugs*

Ah Pei said...

take care yea babe!! God bleesss

Ang3 said...

Thank you guys for the concern.
Paul,it's a long story why i got slip disk!I'll try to explain to you if i meet u..

shaz said...

was it because of ur gymrama?

Ang3 said...

yea,smarty shaz!it was because of my gymrama...