Sunday, August 27, 2006

I'm back....

Argh..i'm back again to this remoted IMU!but it's not goin to be dead for the time being BECAUSE......M2/06 orientation is starting real soon!IMCC?Telematch?Variety night!*GREAT*
theme?:Bad Medicine,but it's good for U.....really?
Banner for M2/O6 orientation..
Backdrop for variety night

The banner was nice, the booklet was cute, the back drop was cool n i suppose the t-shirt should be fantastic!
Credits to Mustaqim-chief OO(the so called best guy....sweat*o*)
anyway,he really did a great job....
Tired Mus Zzz in McD
Back to the orientation,i'm sure it will be fun coz mine was great n i really enjoy mine!Although we got ragging from seniors,it's still FUN FUN FUN!
i'm one of the OOs this time,i'm not going to rag them but to be a nice 'nanny' and look after a group of juniors.
hopefully i can do a good job and not let them down! =Stress=
as for my group,overall,they are very cooperative.Can't wait to see how they fight in the race!
"Way to go man,grope that mountain(my group name-figure out yourselves the in dept meaning..hehe)...."
Chaoz*dengan coolnya*

wasSup Doc : Dear God, please give me strength to finish this task...Amen!


JeMbOrEe said...

*grins menacingly*

Hehe... Can't wait for signature hunt =P Don't worry la.. Sure give ez stuff to do.... I think..

Sarah said...

Hey Angelene! I found your blog through someone else's! =)