Monday, August 07, 2006

My home,Kelantan...

I was chatting with Randy the other day and he suddenly asked me "What is nice in Kelantan?" and i just answered "everything is nice here....." It's a shame of me because i don't really know what is nice in Kelantan. I was born and bred here and the answer given to him was so abrupt. In fact,he is not the only person that ask me bout the SAME question,many KL ppl hav been asking me about Kelantan coz all they know is juz a state govern by PAS and there are lots of Malays it seems so impossible to have CHINESE here!There are funnier questions i encountered, such as: "Do u stay in a tree house?Can u see elephants walking beside the roads?Do people drive there?!My goodness,Kelantan is NOT that 'ulu' k...Argh!Hey peeps, u thought i'm staying in safari Africa ke??

After that i decided to look through the internet about KELANTAN!(Gosh,wat am i doing?i'm a genuine Kelantan girl and now i have to look for information bout my homeland!??!)
So finally i compiled the top 3 nicest places in Kelantan..

1st:Pantai Cahaya Bulan(Moonlight Beach)This lovely stretch of shimmering sand is perhaps Kelanian's most famous beach. Its warm golden sands and crystal blue waters amidst tall and graceful palms encourages one to just lay on the sand and bask in the sun.Although the scenary is not as beautiful as the picture now,at least we have a clean beach here compared to the contaminated beach in PD.. Everytime i come back,surely my ji mui wil go there to have a cooling coconut drink!Yummy...

2nd: The 'biggest' mall in Kelantan-->KB MALL!ok ok,I admit,our mall is neither huge like 1 Utama nor Midvalley,at least we have a mall,bla bla bla...hehe(sorry la people,i'm talking nonsense,just vending my anger coz we don't even have a cinema here....*sob sob*)

3rd:i really dunno also,let's put-Cultural Centre...Kelantan is hailed as the cultural haven of Malaysia.This is where you will get a first hand experience of some popular folk arts and favorite past times of the Kelantanese. You can enjoy the cultural performances and traditional games and pastimes handed down through generations...huh not bad ar,but to be honest with u guys, i went there only once to complete my form 3 assignment....hahaha!

that's all peeps,so DON"T ever say Kelantan is ULU d,it's not not not!i repeat it's not ULU at all ok!i'll try to put on some pictures of the far i dun have any..sorry loo.If u still don't believe juz come and see it for yourself.U might fall in love with this place :)

waTsSup Doc: Peaceful town+ Friendly people+ Yummy food= Kelantan, my lovely paradise!


*jeSSicA* said...

haha..u shud write more ma..coz i'm bringing some frens back to kb this holiday and i seriously dunno where to bring them in town except to see the famous sleeping buddha and sitting buddha near tumpat! oh ya, i plan to bring them for bowling at kb mall too!! hehe..
u forgot one important point bout kb... kb is a food haven!! =P

mich said...

yo babe! when are you in kb until?
I've never been because I've never known any1 from there b4! but now i do!! mwahahahahaha

chris said...

kelantan got bak kut teh wan ar..?

Paul said...

hey angelene

welcome to the blogging world


misssuyin said...

kelantan got gas station wan ar??

i know u told me before,but i forgot what u said leh...

*scratch head*