Saturday, August 12, 2006

we REunited.....

*All Ready for the Mission Impossible*

Waking up at 6am was never easy in my entire life,what about during this LONG holidays!it's so impossible....BUT nothing is IMPOSSIBLE because the word is spelled I M POSSIBLE!!haha....just yesterday(11th August),instead of sleeping like a log, i jumped out from my cozy bed once my alarm rang and got myself ready....Here i come people!!but where am i going??!!..Actually, i went bak kut teh for breakfast,the excitement in me was because i'm going to meet most of my secondary frens(Thong,JJ,Wei,Raul,Fong,Anne,Miao,Wui & Han) whom i never meet for almost 6 months...When i saw them,i was jumping with joy,all of them looked so different since the last time i saw them...we talked about the good old days we had and the whole food stall was enveloped with our launghter ONLY...they are really jokerS!!

*So ready for the RACE*

*Negaraku,Tanah Tumpahnya.........*

*Ange,Thong,JJ-Ready to work!* *Raul-the boss of the day*
The main purpose of meeting up is NOT for reunion but helping Raul's mum in the primary school Sports Day.The macho guys looked 'selamba saja' during normal days but come to work,they will give their best.*I salute u guys!*It's fun to have all together and work as a team again.We were GIANT to the kids because of the big difference in height.The kids are so tiny in size.Just wondering whether i was so small last time too or they are suffering from malnutrition?(of coz not,we're in M'sia, not India!)..Seeing the kids running in the race make me think back the sweet times when we were at their age....
*Shannie + Angie*
That evening we had a farewell party at Shann's place.She is leaving for US on 21st of August to continue her studies as a coming mechanical engineer!Shann is my best friend for almost 14 years.She's is loving,kind and helpful!She's the someone i can rely on most when i have problems.She will advise me patiently and comfort me when i am down!She's such an angel to me...We were in the same class since kindergarden till form 5!Just imagine that,we are like sisters...How am i going to survice when she is not around?....*sob sob*
-->Dear Shannie,the happy and sad moment we shared will always be remembered....Angie<--
The farewell party was indeed a big blast because most of our old friends came back purposely,all the way from KL,just to see her before she leaves!It was so nice of them who took the effort!Of cause, we 'posers' took lots of pictures......hehe!I really had great fun this day because it is very very difficult to gather all under one roof later on!!

watsSup Doc : Think where man's glory begins and ends, and say my glory is I have such friend...

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*jeSSicA* said...

Wow...u guys fast have farewell party for shann dy...din wait for me....haha jk jk..dunno whether i can meet her in kb or not