Friday, September 08, 2006

M2/06 orientation..

' Grope dat mountain GO GO GO'

The perception of saying medical students is a bunch of nerds is totally WRONG!Never ever think that they only know how to study study and only study! It is proven that IMU medical students are actually kinda 'sick' people in a way that they are crazy!!The saying of 'never judge a book by its cover' really fits in!The smart looking future doctors can actually turn into an evil creature during orientation...For instance, juniors were asked to blow the cafetaria fan till it stops(it's impossible!), caterpillar race, dresscode check throughout the orientation week, being baked with flour, marjerin and eggs during treasure hunt and telematch!We have fear factor stunts as well,eg. munching chilli,drinking raw eggs with marjerin and the list goes on.The worst part was that each group has to send a guy(IMCC) out to crossdress to become a sexy woman with seductive dance movements!Gosh,when you see them,it's hard to believe they are going to become doctors one day!.HAhaha,it's fun to perform all this to them but if u're put in the juniors' shoe,it's a torture!Just hav a look at wat the seniors did to the juniors recently...

Dresscode:Sugar and Spice and everything nice

Artistic Kabi drawing at junior's(Kim) back Huge frog on Ing How's stomach...Ewww

Poor Yeewei being 'baptised' with saffron water

The ah guas(IMCCs) and Me

This is how we 'bake cakes'

The fresh yummy Hooi Hooi!!

Although it may sound cruel to the juniors but it really helps to build a stronger rapport between the juniors and seniors.IMU is just a small university.All of us know each other. Those who participated in the orientation,i will have to say, 'Congratulations, you have passed the first hurdle in IMU." Whereas for those who miss it,' Too bad, you have actually missed the most exciting part in IMU.'

Woohooo..Group 5 ended up in 3rd place,Well Done!!

Orientation is over now...Semester 2 has just started!No more anatomy for me....What we're learning now is microbiology with funny bacteria names. Just like wat Denise said, it's like singing songs of bacteria and virus....It's very difficult to visualise them actually.:)Anyway, just bear with it, fun is on its way....hahahaha!!?!

wasSup Doc : Play hard, Work hard. That's the key of success!!All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy...

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*jeSSicA* said...

ewwww....looked so messy but i knew you had fun!!! hahaha =P