Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Reflections of 2012

2012 gone by so quick and it's already... HELLO 2013!! Just thought of penning down some highlights of 2012, so that when I look back about the happenings within this year, it's gonna be a bitter sweet moment! Right, let's begin with some fun and exciting things I did throughout the year of 2012. No doubt, the EXTENSIVE traveling experiences TOPPED the chart!

HOLIDAYs are always the FUNNEST!
The trio started the year, invading Budapest, Hungary. Braving through the extreme weather, we shared so much laughter together:)

During the second month, we organised a trip down south, to explore the legendary Stonenage & Stratford-upon-Avon. Also, trip ended with a nice visit to this limestones town, called Cotswolds.
Gurls just want to have fun!!! Strictly for gurls' fellowship only! Train ride to Llandudno, up to WALES! Adventurous indeed!
Fun-filled roadtrip all the way to CORNWALL with the most amazing church mates! OGs ROCKS!
THE MUST MENTION, lifetime dream came true moment, when all the picturesque pics of Niagara Falls lied just infront of my eyes! *in awe of His beautiful creation*
Stepped into the GIANT CITY, NEW YORK! Woah, never in my right mind would think I am going to this city so soon, but there you go, never say never! Thanks to Lily's sister graduation during this summer and viola, a good reason to invade!
The whole year ended with a trip to Krabi with family! Highlight of course, quality time spent back home, catching up with friends and family, no doubt will be the BEST holiday of all:)
Achievements of the year
FINALLY! Passed my UK driving test..ehem, it's MANUAL k! I think i took a good 3 months to polish up my driving skills after not driving for a good 6 years! Very proud of myself, but in the sametime, meaning burning a hole in my pocket because the lessons are so uber EXPENSIVE! 

Successfully completed first year of houseman and moved on to becoming a second year doctor! Despite the heavier responsibility that we have to bear, work is always never ending fun. With loads of unexpected experience and opportunities, I could only give ALL GLORY to God who has opened doors for me. Of course there are low moments, stress and extra working hours to whine about, but where on earth there is job in this world that just requires u sitting in the office and do nothing, right!

Very pleased to finally get the Medics Fellowship kick starting. We are just a bunch of doctors, wanting to keep each other accountable, and walk a close spiritual journey with God. Glad that everybody is keen on this, and we're taking baby steps to explore the great adventure God has instored for us!
A neonatal audit that I participated with Dr Zipitis was nominated for 'Recognising Excellence Award' organised by the hospital. No expectations of course, but attended the gala dinner just for mere experience. But subsequently the similar audit won a runner-up place in another local trust event- Best Clinical Audit event! If you were to ask me whether I have high hope when I first started doing this audit, I would say NO, then again who am I to say NO when our Father said YES! There you go...He is in control!
Farewell moments
Saying 'goodbye' to this lad wasn't easy. Cheah is like my little brother in Manchester. He would call me 'DaJe' in church and has been a great help throughout the past 4 years. Everytime I ask for a favour, he would be the first to say 'Yes'. Could rmb vividly he is the one who has been helping me moving stuff from one place to another, EVEN as far as to Wigan! :'( He graduated this year and decided to go back Malaysia. Best wishes, Cheah!
Year 2012 ended with a BANG, celebrated this big day with some close friends from church. Cooking for such big crowd was not easy but managed it well in the end and it was SO WORTH IT. It will never be the same if there weren't these people who has made my life in Manchester easier, FUN-er, and noisier :)
A single rose can be my garden... a single friend, can be my world. THANK YOU, guys for being such amazing friends!
Righty HO! There goes some highlights of year 2012!

I personally think that 2012 has been a great year, with loads of exciting moments and have grown spiritually closer with God. He has been really faithful, granting favours upon me, allowing me to meet amazing people who has given me much support throughout this journey. Many thanks for the prayers uttered for me. Can't wait to see how 2013 will be but pretty sure it is going to be another year full of grace and His favours. Things are just getting BETTER each year, ey! Be positive because God is a loving God!

The verse that I cling on tightly is from the book of Psalm 130:5- "I wait for the Lord, my soul waits and in His word I put my hope. My souls waits for the Lord."

wasSup Doc:
Cheers to 2012. So, let's stir some FIRE into year 2013!

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Mia Patch @ Rookie Driver said...

You've done a lot of great things in the past year. You traveled to various places and you were able to pass on your UK driving test. How was the experience, by the way? Were you afraid during that time? Well, it seems that you're confident with your driving skills. It's no wonder you aced the test without any mishaps. :)