Wednesday, January 23, 2013

What was the MIRACLE?

This was it. Had a few friends asking what was the miracle that I mentioned in FB the other day and thought I would just penned it down on my blog, reminding myself as well about His goodness and He answered my prayer in my little prayer book :]

A project about patients' safety was accepted by an international health forum in London for a poster presentation last month. Praise the Lord for this oppotunity, but at the sametime, it was a huge dilemma for my colleague and myself who are keen to go, because the course fees itself cost a BOMB! a 3 days course cost £917 per person and bear in mind, this is just the course fees. Not including the accomodation, transport fare, and meals, it's LONDON we are talking here ey. But after much discussion, we decided to just go for it anyway because it is a once in a lifetime opportunity, how often does our work get recognised? Ermm, very unlikely I guess, unless you have a successful project with very influential supervisor. In the end we decided tp pay the course fees using our own pocket money, just waiting to attend the forum in April 2013 then. Informed Mel that I will be bunking at hers whilst am there to save cost :P

Just last week, I received an email from the supervisor who oversees us about thie project. He delivered a GOOD news to us, saying that Wigan NHS trust is willing to sponsor us to attend this forum AND accomodation included. Rubbed my eyes and read again, yes, it is correct. The trust is going to fund for us to attend this course and covering the 3 days accomodation as well. Wow WOW WOOWW!! *background info: If you have not already known, NHS in the UK is having financial crisis, with million of debts, to get anything funded, chances are near to zero. Can be described like squeezing water from a stone. The main aim of most trusts at present is to cut cost, save money, reduce admissions. Each and every penny is CRUCIAL to them!* So to get it FULLY funded, it's definitely a God's intervention. PLUS, I remembered writing in down last month on my prayer request book: Sponsorship to IHI forum. Viola, God just performed a miracle for me. *ticked* Uber awesome mowseome! He has indeed looked after me well :)

So peeps, note of encouragement. Ask and you will receive. He might not answer your prayer immediately, but in His time. So ASK and BELIEVE. :)

xx When all you have is Jesus, He is all you need xx
WasSup Doc: Statement above ;)

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