Saturday, January 05, 2013


Cant help but just have to SCREAM MY LUNGS out, because of being uber annoyed with my programme coordinator!

Asked my GP practice manager if I can combined 2 of my half days to become one OFF day, so that I can extend my stay(from 12 days to 14 days) back in Malaysia when I return in Feb, and she has kindly said 'not a problem'! Then she thought, hmm, maybe she should ask my programme coordinator.

Next reply my practice manager got from my programme director was that 'NO, Angelene is not allowed to do so because it will then breach her working hours for the week!"
So my practice manager came and apologies for not double checking with her earlier! *Speechless me*!

Oh my goodness, breach my working hours!? Oh Please, GP posting is the chillest posting EVER, u only work 9-5pm, weekdays and gets Wednesday off for teaching and Thursday OFF doing NOTHING. All I requested was to work through all my Thursday, so that I can combined my half days and become one FULL DAY OFF! What is so difficult with that? I am paying back the working hours! It's not like I am skyving or being lazy, I AM PROPERLY working my hours and paying them proper. Now you worried I am OVERWORK in a 9-5pm, office like setting job?! Seriously...patient's safety is NOT compromised at all!

Just little request as such, you have made into such big hoohaa and forwarded to my programme director!? you need to do that, honestly? Everybody in the whole trust IS, ALREADY DONE that and now you say NOO! SUPER FRUSTRATED. Somebody KILL ME ALIVE! Want to cry but patients still waiting for me to be seen. Life oh life..God why You put such hurdle in my life at this point of time. I really dun and will never get it. 

Don't mess around with me, I am not easily being bullied! *Roar!*


waSsup Doc: Trying to understand is like straining through muddy water. Be still and allow the mud to settle. I am learning. 


Ah Pei said...


Maybe there is a reason for it... Maybe now you will meet your Prince Charming in your one of your working half day.. Maybe the airport will be flooded the day we originally think of going back.. Or maybe last minute she will feel guilty and allow you to go...

Who knows... But cheer up! :)

Philippians 4;)

Ang3 said...

awww..thanks Pei Pei. U are the best. And because of this post, I went on reading about my previous posts..and then found out that ONCE upon a time, YOU WERE my secret Angel! ;)
Who knows ey...xx

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