Monday, January 21, 2013

Sunday JOY..

I look forward to Sundays:) A day we can go to church and meet God's people, sing His praises and worship Him. Also, seeing my lovely kiddies in Sunday School. Guess it's one RIGHT decision I made this academic year, to serve Him in this ministry! The joy of seeing them learn about God, remembering bible verses and the conversations we shared over one and half hours, it's just bliss to me. 

Lunch time with kiddies, precious. The lunch bags unite:)
Before class starts, the children will have their lunch break in the canteen. Most of them have their lunch packed nicely by their dedicated mums. Me being the 'little kid wanna be' would packed my own lunch and tucked it into my lovely lunch bag [am SO INTO Lunch bags now, oh dear me, obsessed!] and share this precious time, eating with them, having small chit chat sessions about how their week went and comparing our food:P We would talk about the biggest fish in the sea, their Mandarin classes, and spicy seaweed they are munching!!

Right, just a small sharing about my class today. I am teaching class 1 at the moment (5-6 years old). Lesson today was about Abraham, and I had to teach them the song 'Father Abraham' with ACTIONS! Hahahaha...right arm, left arm, right leg, left leg, chin up and turn around..a good workout for me but kids were so enthu and energetic! Must admit, me is one old woman, after 2 rounds of the song, am breathless! Blame on me have to sing out loud and shout and action! Multitasking but oh my my, i had so much fun! It's been a while. To see the kids smile, the laughter, the joy in them and singing God's songs is just bliss. 

On top of that, when a child unexpectedly could recite word for word of a bible verse I taught last week caught me by surprise that he actually could remember!! Sherlyn just randomly asked the class:' Who can remember the verse we learned last week.' This 5 years old Chinese boy in class, *not paying attention in class most of the time as he was playing with his friend* quickly raised his hands and answered " We will serve the Lord our God, we will obey Him, Joshua 24:24!!! And that kept Sherlyn and myself speechless and jaw wide opened..WOW, 5 stars for you, Jordie! NOTE, he is just 5! ;) Effort paid off!

So class ended with some bible stories and drawings. The best part is, these small little tiny kids, will drag their big bulky fleece coat [thanks to UK cold weather!] and trying to put them on, so me being the mummy will go up to them and zip up for them, putting on their hats and gloves, and reminding them to be a good boy/girl this coming week and rmb to pray! With their still soft voices, they will reply 'Yes miss. See you!' Awww....heart melts 99! Kill me, kill me, kill me. They are so adorable!

Sometimes, it really needs the faith of a child to remind me that's all I need to trust and believe God, who can do all things for me. Sunday school is where I myself is learning more about Christ, His people and how His promises are REAL. I <3 font="font" nbsp="nbsp" school="school" sunday="sunday">

WasSup Doc: We will serve the Lord our God, we will obey Him. Joshua 24:24. Give me a patient heart, to serve you in this ministry :)


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