Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Dissapointed with myself..

It has been a maniac day at GP surgery today. Full clinic for morning and afternoon sessions.
Got home about 615pm, when I was supposed to finish at 5pm.

Had to walk 45 minutes under the rain to visit a 90 years old lady. Despite had to go through this pathetic weather, glad that when I leave her home, she still smile and wave me goodbye. That's all matters.

But on top of that, something else happened today and it wasn't pleasant :'(
It just broke my heart and being qualified for almost a year half now, missing something important when examining a patient wasn't a good feeling at all. felt so sorry for the patient and wished I could have done better. Let myself down tremendously.
Everyday when I go to work, I am reminded that God has given me these hands to touch lives and to bless others. I aimed NOT to bring harm to the patients I see but to bring them comfort and peace.

 A joyful heart, that's all I need to start my day off!

wasSup Doc: oh Lord, enable me to fulfill my medical calling in love, wisdom and integrity. Grant me sincerity in all that I say and do. Strengthen me to persevere in the face of fatigue. Lead me by Your spirit in my daily work.


*jeSSicA* said...

old friend. wat happened?

Ang3 said...

Hi Jess!
Why didnt you reply my watsapp? Where have you been, old friend!

Haih, whole incident was very drama, will write to you one day k.
Hows my friend doing there?

Take care k k k