Thursday, May 05, 2011

It has been a while now...sorry my dearest blog, mummy has abandoned you for a while now..

Jess was here with me in Manchester for a while. Explored many places together and spent quality time together of course. It was like a dream come true. Still could remember vividly when she went to Australia for her first year medical school and since then my first choice has always been Aussie Med school am going to go after IMU phase 1. But God has bigger plans, I am sure when HE put me in Manchester instead, and thus the IMPOSSIBLE meet up because of the different holidays period.

1 year, 2 years and there came the 3rd year, we didnt see each other. There was once in MSN when she askedd hmmm, 'i wonder when we will meet?' Then I reassured her that God will open doors one day *but deep im my thought, I was also thinking, seriously when we can actually meet* But God is faithful, He DID open doors and made a way. My initial plan to go Melbourne for my elective didnt work out in the end because the uni wanted me to fit into the local students' timetable which I cant and thus ended up going Adelaide instead to meet up Pei and Geoff! No doubt, it was a great time well spent with them two as well! PLUS, I actually prefer Adelaide than the buzzling Melbourne!

But guess wat, God allowed her to come Manchester and did her elective on the other hand! And what's better was that we got to travel to a few places as well. Looking back, oh boy, they were all well planned by God. With the strings of bank holidays, Royal wedding and all, timing was just right. Indeed: He has made everything beautiful in His time:)
So we explored Manchesterthen YORKilicious
and invaded LoNdOnand finally..AMSTERDAM *Oranjie Festival*

AND, really enjoyed each other accompany. Even just cooking for each other every night was joy.
Gonna miss you dearly, but yes we bid goodbye with a smile because we know, God will make a way again to let us meet again!

In His time :D

thank you, Jess!

wasSup Doc: God will make a way, when there seems to be no way.
Thank You, Jesus!

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