Friday, May 20, 2011

Bento updates:)

Allright, this post is dedicated to all bento freaks, like ME:P
It's been awhile since I last make bento..Hehe..blame on my exams stress loo..but NOW, am EXAMS FREE, feel kind weird because EVERYONE around me is preparing for exams, whilst me stress free moments..not so Angelene who is always super stress yo:) Oh well, tomorrow is the official LAST DAY of medical school..5.5 years..I can now say..IT IS FINISHED, FINALLY. phew:)
Back to topic..bento craze..Lol..
First up, it's easy bento making 4LOTsSquareBox..with Cashew nuts squid, butternut squash with dried shrimp, chinese leaf vege and herby rice. *credits to Jessica who cooked all this when I was stressing along with the surgeon, doing the SPK* Lol..Then come this, specially made for my best friend, Jessica!! It's called, 'Jess' garden of LOVE', sweet~ Contents: Tamagoyaki egg rolls, cherry tomatoes, love shaped pepper and rice with Jap salmon furikake:D
okay, this is completely OUT from bento, coz there is no pattern to it, but let me intro you to my FAVOURITE soup..BROCCOLLI soup! thanks to Chef G! Super easy to make oh..Do try it at home, very green, very healthy but most importantly it's NYUMMY~
It only takes 3 simple steps:
1) Boil the broccoli in hot water till partially soft
2) Then pour away 3/4 of the water
3) BLEND the broccoli and add in some salt n pepper for flavouring...
TADAaa..SERVE hot:)
Tips: to make the soup thicker, add in some goat cheese, but am not a fan of cheese, so omit that in my recipe..LoL..

And finally some announcements to make:

BentoFun is having a super cool lunch punch giveaway! Just click at the link and check it out yourself to win a set of funky sandwich punch if u're a bento maniac like me! * I hope I can win though, I want that in my bento collection!!*

Heather from Ohayo Bento is giving out some marvelous pressies to celebrate her one year bentoversary too, so head there ASAP :)

THANK YOU for the kind generosity to share your love:) God bless both of your work in bento making

that's bout it for now. Dont think I will be making any bento at the moment because school has official ended!!! Stay tune for more bento when I start work lo, IF I got time:P

waSsup Doc: Do you know that bento making is a hobby that I put in my portfolio as my personal interest?

Guess wat, my supervisor is actually very interested with this hobby of mine and never forget to ask me everytime I see him during my portfolio review. We can have a 5 minutes conversations on my bento making hobby..
So my final exit portfolio is this coming Monday, see if he ask me again right..

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